(Clearwisdom.net) I am not completely familiar with the situation and all the issues that affect truth-clarification activities overseas. However, in order to clarify the truth more deeply and to further save all beings who can be saved, I would like to put forward some suggestions to fellow practitioners in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. These suggestions are based on what people who have visited these places have seen and heard, and they are only intended for reference.

Most Chinese people who are able to go abroad or leave the country for a trip have a certain social status in China. In general, their attitude toward Dafa can be classified into four groups. People in the first group once directly persecuted Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Among them are National Security Bureau personnel or special agents. Another group includes the people who are deceived by the lies and propaganda in China and who are poisoned very deeply. When Dafa practitioners clarify the truth to this group, these people slander the practitioners and even think that there is a political motive behind the actions of Dafa practitioners, since these people have been so deeply affected by the propaganda in China. People in the third group do not know Dafa but want to know the truth. People in the last group have some understanding of Dafa and sympathize with or support practitioners. They are very friendly to Dafa practitioners.

Most of the Chinese people who go abroad and leave the country are tourists. People with whom they come into contact the most frequently are the tour guides in the local countries and areas they visit. What I have found out is that three out of five guides attack Dafa and Dafa practitioners in their speech. They thwart tourists who want to contact the Dafa practitioners who are clarifying the truth at tourist sites. A few guides also attack Dafa. In consideration of the tourists' safety when they return to China, some tour guides remind tourists not to bring the truth-clarification flyers and CDs back to China after they have read through them, in case the tourists are stopped when they pass through customs.

Dafa practitioners are continually clarifying the truth at tourist sites, despite wind and rain, the blazing sun and severe heat, and no matter what kind of attitudes the tourists have -- they face it all with a smile. However, due to the interference from the tour guides and special agents, the effect does not seem to be very good overall. How can we clarify the truth more deeply and get better results? I have two suggestions.

First, we should use what Teacher has taught us as the standard and basis of the content of our truth-clarification materials. The focal point should be to provide details and expose the facts about the persecution. We should also include more information about the physical and mental benefits practitioners have gained from practicing Falun Dafa, as well as spiritual and moral improvements.

Secondly, I suggest that fellow practitioners actively clarify the truth to the Tourism Bureaus and to the tour guides. If it is not convenient to talk with them face to face, we can mail the truth-clarification materials to them. If the Chinese guides who accompany tour groups or the guides outside of our country come to know the truth and sympathize with and support Dafa, they will provide more chances for the tourists under their care to also know the truth. Perhaps they too will attain the Fa in the future.