(Clearwisdom.net) From Monday to Friday of last week, it was raining all the time except for a sunny Wednesday. Practitioners, nevertheless, were conducting truth-clarification on streets of Manhattan as usual.

After watching a truth-clarification program from the TV, both signed their names to support practitioners.

A Japanese practitioner re-enacting torture methods


A Swedish practitioner clarifying the truth to a New Yorker


A Taiwan practitioner clarifies the truth in a subway station

In a subway, a gentleman silently listened to a practitioner from Germany clarifying the truth to people sitting next to him. When he got off the train, he suddenly shook hands with the practitioner and said: "Thank you! Thank You!"

When seeing practitioners clarifying the truth to the busy crowd during rush hour after work, some people raised their thumbs, some friendly said: "I already got it [Falun Gong material]. Many told us that they would tell more people about the persecution. Indeed, the more people know about the persecution, the sooner it will be ended.

There are still some who don't know the truth yet or don't understand why practitioners clarify the truth on the streets. However, practitioners are not moved by them and persist with compassionate hearts. A gentleman was very touched and repeatedly told a practitioner: "Hold on to it! No matter whether or not people can understand, you got to continue your efforts and must let everyone know what is happening in China!"