Zheng Xueqiong

Ms. Zheng Xueqiong, 65, was a resident of the Zhonghe Street Neighborhood Community, Longshui Town, Dazu County, Chongqing City. She started practicing Falun Gong in the spring of 1997. Falun Gong healed her partial paralysis and she no longer needed to take medicine. Ms. Zheng was sincere, kind, tolerant and generous. A lot of people perceived the greatness of Falun Dafa in her.

In October 1999, Ms. Zheng risked her life by going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After being arrested, she was sentenced to a one-year forced labor term and sent to Maojiashan Women's Forced Labor Camp. The forced labor camp refused to take her because she did not "pass" the physical exam. She was subsequently sent back to the county detention center. Zheng Xueqiong was released to go home after being extorted out of four thousand yuan (1).

In May 2002, Ms. Zheng was again illegally detained in the county detention center for sharing cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners. Because she remained steadfast in Falun Dafa, policeman Zhou Ji extorted two thousand and five hundred yuan from her before letting her go.

In November 2000, while doing housework at home, Zheng Xueqiong was again arrested and sent to a brainwashing class where she was illegally detained for half a year. She was again extorted out of three thousand and six hundred yuan before she was released.

The police from Dazu County's "610 Office" and the head of the Neighborhood Committee ransacked her home numerous times. They also sent lawless personnel to watch, harass, and mentally intimidate her. Ms. Zheng was someone who had recovered her health from practicing Falun Gong. After losing her normal practice environment, she suffered enormous mental and physical torment, and as a result Ms. Zheng slowly lost her ability to take care of herself. Afterward, the Zhaoyang Street Police and the Neighborhood Committee even drafted the so-called "Three Statements" [renouncing Falun Dafa] and went to her home many times to ask Ms. Zheng, who was already bedridden, to sign the document. Ms. Zheng could no longer take the stress from the constant mental abuse and died in grief in March 2004.

(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.