(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Huixin is a Falun Gong practitioner and is employed at the Shijiazhuang City Train Station. In order to avoid being abducted and taken to a brainwashing class, she left her home in January 2002.

Ms. Li was captured when she was seen riding a bicycle on the road on May 8, 2003 and was sent back to her workplace by the Second Division policeman, Tian Heping, and others who worked for the train station. They searched her body and then searched her home. That night, a group of people from the Political and Security Division came, covered her head with a black plastic bag, and took her to an undisclosed location. Ms. Li kept asking where they had taken her. They threatened that they would bury her alive and threw her down on the ground.

About 10 minutes later, the torture began. They handcuffed Ms. Li's hands behind her back and hung her up inside a cage that measured 1 meter in length and width and 2 meters high. Her hands were hung just high enough so she could only stand on tiptoes to support her body against the side of the cage (see photos). Li Huixin's body twitched and she could not stand still. She was in great pain, but the people from the Political and Security Section just laughed at her cruelly. Li Huixin was left in this hanging position for more than ten hours, until the next day after breakfast. The police could not get any information from Ms. Li on where she had gone after she left home, so they finally let her down. By that time, her arms were disabled and she could not move them. She had to rely on others for her daily needs. Even now, Ms. Li cannot work normally as she did before.

On the afternoon of May 9, several police officers were casually talking about Ms. Li's condition: "Her arms are still purple. Why can't she still feel anything?" They came up with a cruel idea. Among them, Li Guoqiang used a lighted cigarette to burn four fingers on her right hand. At first, Ms. Li did not feel anything, but later she felt the pain like an electric shock when the cigarette burned deeper into her muscle.

On the afternoon of May 11, policeman Li Guoqiang forced Ms. Li Huixin to stand up against the cage with her heels next to the edge of the cage and her hands were handcuffed again on the cage. They were afraid of her falling because of her weak condition; so they tightened her up with the cage using three ropes. They started giving her electric shocks on her hands and her big toe (see photos below), again in an attempt to force her to tell them what she had done after leaving home. After failing again to get any information from Ms. Li using all the torture methods, the police sent her back to the Railroad Police Station.

From May 8 to May 13, in order to hide their identities, the police covered Ms. Li's head with a black plastic bag. However, to protest the abduction, detention and the torture, Ms. Li went on a hunger strike, refusing both food and water.

On May 15, the police from the First Section of the Railroad Police Station and the security division of the train station forcibly sent Li Huixin to the brainwashing center in Henan Province, completely ignoring the fact that her arms were disabled and she required constant care. At the brainwashing center, Ms. Li continued to be tortured both mentally and physically for four and a half months.

Agencies and personnel involved in this persecution case:

Shijiazhuang City Police: #15 Tan-nan Road
The Director General's office: 86-311-6046234, 86-311-6049296.

The Vice Director General's office: 86-311-6046234, 86-311-6049296.
Liu Zijun, the Director General (responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong) 86-311-6676214 (Office)

Li Yanbing, the Political and Security Section: 86-311-667732186-311- 96777-21888 (beeper)
Chai Yanguo, the Political and Security Division Chief, Hu Guanghue the Vice Chief and policeman Li Guoqiang: 86-311-6677321, 86-311-6212954

Shijiazhuang Railroad Police Department: Reception 86-311-7923618, 86-311-7022275.
(Offices) 86-311-7922758
Political section: l 86-311-7924848
First division: 86-311-7922678, 86-311-7024420
The Part Secretary: 86-311-7010002
Wang Ping, the police Vice Director with major responsibility for the persecution of Falun Gong: 86-311-7922818
Case officer: 86-311-7922608, 7922698, 7922718, 7924538, 7922658, 7922918, 7922818, 7924388.
Yan Guangliang, Security Division of Railroad Station: 86-311-7923782