(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Yang Jinying, a Falun Gong practitioner from Haozhou City, Anhui Province, was abducted by police in April 2002 and detained for one year and eight months. She was subjected to all kinds of tortures. Several days after her release, she died from the persecution.

Yang Jinying, 53 years old, lived in Zhou Village, Guantang Town in the Qiaocheng area of Haozhou City. She was an honest and kind country woman. After practicing Falun Gong, she improved herself a great deal, and many people praised her. In April 2002, when she was working at home, authorities from the "610 Office" and the Guantang police broke into her home. They searched her belongings and abducted her to the police department. They applied various tortures in their attempts to extract evidence from her. Xu Nailiang and Wang Jiushan ordered policeman Yuan Lei to handcuff Yang Jinying, hang her off the ground in the air and beat her severely. She was left hanging all day and all night. During her year and eight months of detention, the police threatened many times to make her stop practicing and tried many times to force her to write a transformation letter. She was subjected to so much torture that she became paralyzed and could no long control her bodily functions. Even though her life was in danger, the police still sentenced her to three years imprisonment. They notified her son to sign for her bail on the release form and had him take her to Hengkang Hospital. The hospital notified him that she was dying, two days after her examination. Within a few days she was dead from the persecution.

A few days after Yang Jingying was detained, the police took her husband away. Her husband suffered similar treatment and was cruelly beaten. Because he could not bear the torture, he signed the transformation letter against his will, requesting that he be allowed to go home to harvest the wheat. He was released. After the harvest, the police re-arrested him. Since then he has been forced to leave home to avoid further persecution.