(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2002, my husband came to the labor camp to visit me. Before that visit, there was a period of time when the authorities at the labor camp tried to forcefully brainwash me, and so at the time of my husband's visit, my health condition was extremely poor. My blood pressure was very high and my heart was not good as well. My brain wasn't getting enough blood supply, and I was often in a semi-conscious state. I even lost consciousness and was in serious condition. My complexion was dark, my lips were blue and I was emaciated. I had extreme edema in my feet and legs, so bad that I could not even wear shoes. My feet and arms became black and purple from serious blood capillary hemorrhages after my feet and arms were handcuffed for a long period of time. I looked terrible at that time. Those people who saw me were all distraught and worried about my life.

Suddenly, one day while I was critically ill, the police didn't torture me so fiercely. They allowed me to go to sleep in the evening and get up together with the other inmates. At that time, the only thought I had was that I had to live and could not let my body and spirit break down. I insisted on eating more food, but the food at the labor camp was so horrible. The food they served was dirty and tasted awful and also had many grains of sand in it. Eventually, whenever it was dinnertime, I would tremble and go into a cold sweat. My stomach also cramped up and I could not eat. A Falun Gong practitioner who lived in the same room as me was a doctor from Beijing University. She said, "Your situation looks like the so-called 'loss of appetite sickness.' You have to manage to eat something; otherwise your body will break down." A few Falun Gong practitioners spared their limited good food and secretly gave it to me (it was not allowed to share food with each other, and if the police found out, those who did so would be punished). At that time, the policemen also showed me care and asked me to eat more and put on some weight, which I found really strange.

One day, the police asked me to go to their office and told me, "Your husband is coming to visit you. You are not allowed to tell him the situation here, nor can you tell him about your health condition. You can only tell him that everything here is very good and everyone treats you well, etc. You are not allowed to talk in Japanese." Under the watchful eyes of many policemen, I finally met my husband. By that time, my body was in much better condition and I could walk by myself, but I still could not walk very steadily. When I saw my husband was very concerned about my health, I didn't tell him the true condition of my body so that he would not feel too worried about me. I only told him that I was all right and he didn't need to worry about me. In order to comfort my husband, I said I wanted to study Japanese and asked him to mail me some books. As a result, my husband took it seriously and mailed me many books. But these books were all confiscated by police and were not given to me until I was released. Afterwards, I understood why they treated me so carefully during those few days. They were afraid that people would find out about the true situation of their persecution of Falun Gong!

Later, they refused to let my husband come to see me again. My husband could only write me one letter every week. In every letter, he asked me to write some letters home and said that they worried about me very much because they didn't receive my letters. At that time, my blood pressure was very high and I could not see, so I could not write letters. This past April (2003), my eyes became better and I wrote a letter to my husband and mentioned about my blood pressure and my eyes. In the end, this letter was confiscated by police and wasn't returned to me until I was released.

When I came back to my home in Japan, I found that my husband had prepared a photo of mine for my funeral, and was worried that he might not even be able to get my ashes. Everyday, he tried all means to inquire about my situation. It is not hard to imagine how in the past one and a half years, he must have suffered greatly. In addition, my situation also touched countless kind people's hearts. The Japanese government, officials from various walks of life, embassy/consulate officials, news media as well as all kinds of good-hearted people in Japan and all Falun Gong practitioners worldwide carried out a wide variety of rescue activities in order to help me return home safely as soon as possible. Here, I would like to sincerely thank everyone.

At present, Falun Gong has spread to many countries and areas around the world and is welcomed by all nations (except China). The evil deeds of Jiang Zemin's regime thus have an extremely bad influence worldwide. Cases similar to mine not only happen to people from Japan, but also in other countries, such as Charles Li and Chen Gang from the U.S., Wang Yuzhi and Lin Shenli from Canada, Zhang Cuiying from Australia, Zhao Ming from Ireland, etc. Many governments as well as the kind-hearted people in those countries have made unremitting efforts to rescue the Chinese people living in their countries. Jiang Zemin's deeds have caused great pain to families and friends of Falun Gong practitioners living in many countries. I hope the Chinese government can wake up and treat Falun Gong rationally and kindly. I also hope all kind-hearted people worldwide can pay attention to this sad, cruel and inhumane persecution happening in China and help the Chinese government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong as soon as possible.

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