(Clearwisdom.net) In April this year, it appeared to be accidental that I got to know a person in the hospital. He was a young fellow about twenty-seven. His right leg had been stabbed three times and his left leg was broken. His lower leg was fixed with four stainless steel pins. His condition was critical for the first three days in hospital.

During our chat, I told him I practiced Falun Gong, and that people who practiced Falun Gong were all good people. The TV, newspaper and other related propaganda were all fabrication and lies. I also gave him the book "Deceitful Lies," which exposed the lies of the Jiang's regime. He said: "I first heard about Falun Gong in 1999. I also learned that it was good, but regrettably I did not practice. I also wanted to be good. I know it was karmic retribution that my leg was broken." I told him about principles of just retribution and being a good person that I learned from the Fa as I comforted him. He accepted all of them.

I did not have the book Zhuan Falun with me at the time, so I could not give him the book to read before he left the hospital. A month later, he came back for fluoroscopy, which showed no perceptible bone healing activity. He was very worried. This time, I gave him the book Zhuan Falun to take home to read. After a while, he returned to the hospital for examination. Miraculously, the fracture had mended. The doctor told him: "It's really odd about your leg. I have never seen anything like it. In general, it takes about one hundred days for injured tendons and displaced fractures to heal. In the first week or so, there is no new bone formation, only resorption of extravasated blood and fractured debris. After that, the bones begin to grow. A month or more later, periosteal callus is formed, and then resorption and remodeling ensue. The process takes about 100 days. However, your leg did not show any healing for over one month. Later on, it healed rapidly and very well." My friend was secretly very happy, and also knew this was the result of his Fa study. He said excitedly: "It is a miracle. I will practice Falun Gong for sure."

Because of the hospitalization, he incurred a debt. He was anxious to earn some money. He went with his friend to Guangxi Province to engage in "border trades." I advised him not do anything illegal, especially since he now practiced Falun Gong.

Ten days or so later, he came back. I saw his mouth full of blisters. He told me: "When I arrived there, I developed a fever. I took some medicine, but it did not help. I also had intravenous infusion. Pus discharged from the wound in my leg where I had the steel pins." I told him: "Teacher is merciful, but Dafa is solemn. It definitely can not let you do bad things." He also was full of regret: "I won't do it any more. I won't do it." But because he had invested some money, he was not willing to give it up. He went there twice more. Every time, if he did not have a fever or cold, he would have inflamed and swollen eyes or lumps all over his body. He finally thoroughly enlightened to it, and discontinued the illegal trade. Now, he studies the Fa while learning a craft.

Through studying the Fa, he enlightened to many principles. He told me: "If I did not study the Fa, I do not know how many times I would have engaged in a fight. My friend told me that I did not act like a man, I was almost beaten to death, but I was still able to stomach the insult." I smiled: "Good will be justly rewarded and evil punished. Good people are always justly rewarded."

His faith in Dafa was greatly enhanced, especially after he watched the truth-clarification compact disc and saw that Falun Gong had spread to over sixty countries, Zhuan Falun had been translated to over twenty languages, and so many people studied and practiced Falun Gong. He planned to play the disc for his craftsmen classmates.

The Fa saves predestined people. I once again felt Teacher's boundless compassion.