(Clearwisdom.net) I am Li Yonghao. I attend a school at Guiluu [Guizhou aluminum plant, located in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province]. My mother, Kuai Yajing, works at a savings bank in the provincial capital. Both my mother and father are Falun Dafa practitioners. They are optimistic, sincere and kindhearted. I feel so happy to live in such a family.

Since July 1999, however, my happy family was torn apart. While clarifying the facts about the persecution to the public and exposing Jiang and his accomplices, my mother was arrested and sentenced to three years at the Guizhou Women's Forced Labor Camp. Recently, one of my relatives went to visit my mother and told us that my mother was very thin and had been tortured beyond recognition. My relative took her a heavy blanket, but the police didn't allow my relative to see my mother again. After repeated requests to see my mother, my mother was allowed to come out and pick up the blanket. My mother only has 80 Yuan a month to live on [500 Yuan is the monthly salary of the average worker]. While suffering from malnourishment, she is forced to do physical labor and is mentally tortured. If she tries to do the exercises, she is beaten by prisoners. Recently we heard that my mother and grandmother Wang are often placed in confinement. The small, dark, damp room has only a small hole which allows a sliver of light in.

Recently, we also heard that another woman, Ms. Han, from Baiyun District, was tortured to disability in the forced labor camp. She died soon after she was sent home. After hearing this news my father and I became disheartened. Because of Ms. Han's death, we can see how wicked the Women's Forced Labor Camp is. In fact, all the Dafa practitioners I've ever met are good people. Why does Jiang persecute them? How can being a good person be a crime?

I appeal to all the good people around the world. Please extend your hands to help stop the persecution. Please help rescue my mother. I want my mother back!