September 3, 2003


Zhang Xiaofang, the chief officer of the 7th Team in Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp, used very brutal and vicious means to torture Falun Gong practitioners. To make practitioners give up cultivation of Dafa, they were prohibited from washing their faces, brushing teeth, using the restroom, sleeping, changing clothes and eating 30% of a normal meal ration. When those means did not work, she would force-feed them with 5 cups of water at one time and not allow them to use the restroom. As a result, some practitioners, like Ms. Wu Houyu and Ms. Yue Liyong, had to wear their soiled clothes for weeks. One day Zhang ordered her stripped to her underwear and made her stand in a courtyard for hours as punishment.

Practitioners must wake up 5:00 am and go to bed at 2 or 3 am daily. They must stand, sit or squat the entire day facing the wall. Their toes and noses must touch the wall, eyes must remain open and knees cannot bow out at all. No movement is allowed. Holding this position for several hours is a severe form of torture. When practitioners could not hold the position as ordered, they were beaten and kicked by the police. Practitioners having to suffer this torture long term experienced physical damage to their legs and knees leaving them swollen and unable to straighten up. Stretching the leg out in a position to walk upright is excruciating after being tortured in this manner. Zhang Xiaofang continued to order those practitioners to run laps at night and be dragged if they could not muster the strength to continue.

Zhang Xiaofang ordered practitioners who renounced their belief in Falun Dafa after being tortured to collaborate with the authorities and torture practitioners in small cells who remained firm in their belief. Every practitioner who stepped out of or was carried out of those cells had swollen faces, bruised, bloody and crippled bodies for months. Ms. Qiu Shuhuan was one of practitioners who suffered through such tortures. Ms. He Xiuzhen, 60, was forced to sit facing the wall without moving and allowed to sleep only one hour a day for months. Often she was forced to sit on a small broken stool with her lower back twisted for an entire day. Still she was made to run 20 laps around the open grounds. Ms. He did not eat or drink much since she was not allowed to use the bathroom. Ms Wu Houyu was also handcuffed to trees and beaten by police. She has had her hands tied behind her back and been forced to run laps. The police pushed her down to the ground again and again while she was being forced to run, cuffed in this manner. Then she was made to stand with one leg on the ground and the other leg stretched out straight and resting on a high stool in 90 oF(32 oC) weather. Bricks held her feet in place for long periods of time in the hot sun. Any movement resulted in beatings by the guards.

Practitioner Yang Hualian, suffered through many of the same tortures. One night, Zhang Xiaofang ordered a few police to drag Ms. Yang downstairs and tie her to a tree. Then Zhang started beating and cursing her. The people in two buildings around the site were able to hear Yang's painful crying and Zhang Xiaofang's yelling. This process lasted for a long time. The next day her body was found covered with bruises, dark stains and her face was distorted beyond recognition. But Zhang Xiaofang instead twisted the story and falsely accused practitioner Yang of trying to beat her. Zhang charged Yang 700 to 800 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.] as medical expenses. Later on Zhang had Yang brought to her office to be beaten in front of many witnesses.

Ms. Chen Jinghua, 60, had suffered severe bronchitis many times in the past. She was sent to this labor camp, after being locked in a mental hospital for three months, having been force-fed medicines that damaged her nervous system and caused dementia symptoms. In the labor camp Chen was allowed to sleep only 1 to 2 hours a night, no restroom use and only one bottle of drinking water a week. She remained in her soiled clothing all the time and not permitted to bathe. Zhang made her stand and recite the 35 rules of the labor camp. Ms. Ai Kefen, besides all those same sufferings, had her hands cuffed to bed posts even while sleeping at night.

Ms. Fu Tianlu was beaten so severely because she refused to give up her belief in Dafa that her internal organs were damaged. When sent to the hospital, she had to pay all the expensive medical costs.

Ms. Deng Zhongshu and Ms. Zhong Shuirong have been tortured by being forced to stand facing a wall for a long time. As the result of this torture, Ms. Deng has lost her original appearance and had blood in her stool. She was sent to a hospital to receive an infusion and 300 Yuan, all the money she had, was spent in two days. Ms. Zhong Shuirong was punished by being forced squat down in a restroom for an extended period. As a result, her legs were so swollen that she was unable to walk. The police also brutally beat her and forced her to accept brainwashing by violent means.

All those tortures did not stop when I left this labor camp. Many practitioners are still suffering every day. Please help them regain their freedom and stop this senseless torture of innocents. .

The telephone number of the 7th Team in Nanmusi Labor Camp is 86-832-5212600.