(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, some practitioners found that tourist groups from China visiting Korea all go a designated dining area. Therefore, every morning, practitioners would go there with various Falun Gong materials. With a greeting, "How are you and welcome," they started to explain the facts of Falun Gong.

A tourist from Taiwan was surprised to see us and said, "Remarkable! Falun Gong practitioners are in every country." After listening to our explanation, he encouraged us, saying, "Keep it up and don't give up!" Upon seeing practitioners busy explaining the facts, a tourist was moved, saying, "Falun Gong's spirit is truly great!" Another female tourist pointed to a "self-immolation" photo, and said, "this person is fake," and helped us distribute the materials.

One day, we met a group from China. A practitioner spoke loudly while distributing the materials. The leader of the group warned his members: "Do not accept Falun Gong materials. China has rules. Those who are found in possession of Falun Gong materials at customs will be detained for at least 15 days..." Several Chinese tourists took the materials and said, "Who cares? Let's finish reading it first." Many Chinese have already started to treat the Falun Gong issue calmly and rationally.

Some leaders and guides of the tourist groups caused relatively stronger resistance against us. One time, as soon as I said, "How are you," one of them exclaimed "Not good!" I then smiled and explained the facts to several people around him. He became impatient and said, "You can distribute these to people from other countries. Don't give these to Chinese people!" I told him, "We specially came for Chinese people since the Chinese media's propaganda regarding Falun Gong is deceiving people. How is it that Falun Gong is being practiced by millions of people in sixty countries, and no one has ever heard of things like suicide, self-immolation, and killing in countries outside China? Why did the Chinese government grant awards to Falun Gong and Mr. Li before the persecution? Why does Jiang's regime want to deprive the Chinese people of their right to know the facts about Falun Gong? It is because their lies would collapse in front of the facts..." Before I could finish, he ran to the bus. I immediately followed him and continued talking at the door. The people on the bus all kept listening. Another time, I came to talk to a guide who was looking at a Falun Gong picture. He said, "You will be beaten if you meet a Chinese person!" I said, "Thank you for the reminder. However, this is a democratic country, not China. Actually, we all love our country and hope that China can develop more rapidly." He interrupted me, showed me his hand and said, "Give me some. I will read it on the bus."

One day, a practitioner found a Chinese tourist making some bizarre gestures and making fun of us. He went over to him and said, "Sir, I really feel sorry for you upon seeing your performance. This is not good for you. Do you know the facts about Falun Gong? Today, Falun Gong practitioners are suffering brutal persecution and injustice and they still keep clarifying the truth. We do not want anything but that everyone should be able to distinguish right from wrong amid this atrocity and choose a good future for themselves, including you..." The elderly man was deeply moved by these words, sighed and said, "Yes, you are right! You are right! Give me a copy of the flyer." The surrounding tourists and the tourists who were already on the bus all came to ask for materials.

Practitioners realize that we must patiently talk to those who do not want to accept materials and have bad impressions of Falun Gong. We need to send important information, including Jiang's lawsuit, to several countries and free them in their hearts. When we truly and thoroughly clarify the facts with our hearts, many Chinese will change their attitudes and think rationally about it. We feel that the evil beings in other dimensions that control people cannot stand even a single blow in front of today's Dafa practitioners and the truth. We remember Teacher's words,

"While they're clarifying the facts some students often run into people who don't want to listen, don't accept things, or are even antagonistic. You shouldn't let one person's opposition be a mental setback for you or make you lose the courage to save sentient beings." "Just do whatever you should with compassion, regardless of whether they're receptive or not. Compassion comes from a person's cultivation, and it's not something that's acted out; it comes from deep inside, and it's not something done to show others. It's something that exists eternally, and it doesn't change with the passage of time or changes in circumstances." (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference)