(Clearwisdom.net) Before, I took sending forth righteous thoughts as a task to do. Sometimes I could not even manage to send forth righteous thoughts at the exact hours. Because my Third Eye is not open, when I thought about using supernormal capabilities, I always had the feeling that it's very far from me.

But from two recent experiences, I personally witnessed the strong power of righteous thoughts, which completely changed my everyday person's mentality. I realized that the divine power of Dafa is true and real.

I recently bought a new small tape recorder for practicing the exercises. In less than three days it began to have some trouble, which interfered with my practice.

I saw a practitioner's story on Clearwisdom about sending forth-righteous thoughts to rectify a machine making Dafa materials. I was inspired. The recorder often had trouble when I was doing exercises, which caused interference with my cultivation. I looked inward to find where I hadn't done well, and then rectified myself. It was really effective. But sometimes, when my mind wandered, the recorder didn't work again. Therefore, I sat down, held up my palm and sent forth righteous thoughts towards the recorder to eliminate the evil factors that were interfering with my practice and let the recorder come back to normal. When sending forth righteous thoughts, my mind was not steady. I was questioning whether it would be effective or not. I tried to overcome this kind of thought and continued to send forth righteous thoughts. When I practiced the exercises again, the function of the recorder improved, but it still did not completely return to normal. This increased my confidence and strength. I realized that having doubts in sending forth righteous thoughts is not acceptable, as this is actually a doubt towards Dafa and not being steadfast. I must eliminate this kind of notion. I should communicate with the recorder and eliminate the interference with a pure heart. Then I sent forth righteous thoughts again towards the recorder. This time, I felt a kind of peace and calm and didn't have the concern I had before. When I practiced the exercises again, everything was normal. Later, the following experience additionally strengthened my faith towards Dafa.

One day, I took two truth-clarifying VCDs from a practitioner and planned to hand them out in the street. But before I gave them away our whole family wanted to watch them. Unexpectedly, the VCD had no sound or pictures, although the player worked well when playing other VCDs. I then sent forth righteous thoughts to the VCDs while eliminating the evil damaging the truth-clarifying material. I solemnly held the VCDs in front of Master's picture and held righteous thoughts in my mind. Afterwards, I put one into the VCD player. An amazing thing happened: the VCD played with both sound and pictures. I was once again moved by the power of righteous thoughts. My wife, who had been slack in her practice, was totally convinced. She took out her pen and started to carefully copy Zhuan Falun.

Through these two personal experiences, I realized that I should pay more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. I should not be limited by my seeing and feelings. I will just do according to Dafa's requirements and rise above my human understanding. Doing Dafa work with a pure heart is the most righteous and the most divine. In the meantime, I also believe, what I have seen and heard is only a tiny bit of the manifestation of Buddha Fa in the human world.

July 31, 2003