1. Dafa practitioner Fan Linlin was abducted to a brainwashing center where she was not allowed to sleep for three days. She was surrounded by collaborators* and tortured for a long time.

* Collaborators are former Falun Gong practitioners who have turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture

2. Wang Chaohui was hung with his hands tied behind his back for one whole night and was slapped on face before he was sent to a brainwashing center.

3. Li Huixin is a Dafa practitioner at the Railroad Branch in Shijiazhuang City. She was hung with her hands tied behind her back before being sent to a brainwashing center. All her fingernails were burned by cigarettes and had turned dark purple. She could not raise her arms after being hung and both of her hands turned dark. After witnessing the situation, a young female accomplice (those who are hired or assigned by work units to monitor practitioners closely) could not help crying.

4. Dafa practitioner Liu Yonghong, a 33 year old male, is an engineer of the Shijiazhuang Research and Design Institute, Coal Industry Department. He lives in the Jianguo sub-area. He was surrounded by the Shijiazhuang police at his home on March 30. He had no choice but to jump from the 5th floor and thus broke his leg. However, the 610 office did not spare him. He was sent from the Shijiazhuang Peace Hospital directly to a brainwashing center while walking with a crutch. A policeman used a pair of pliers to crush his fingers when he was in the police station.

5. Police abducted Ms. Liu Ruiqin (Wang Bo's 4th aunt). After being tortured for a few days, she could not walk and became very weak. Later, she was sent to a brainwashing center but needed help from two accomplices in order to walk during the transfer. Staff there still enforced strict brainwashing on her.