(Minghui.org) Beginning at the end of 2000, a small booklet began to circulate in Mainland China, and those who circulated it called it Zhuan Falun's "Lecture Ten." This booklet came from wicked people of the "610 Office", and all of those who are circulating this booklet are undermining Dafa.

Any practitioner who has circulated the so-called "Lecture Ten" and similar booklets are held responsible for retracting and destroying the material they circulated. However much they have circulated, that's how much they are held responsible for retracting and destroying.

Zhuan Falun has only nine lectures, and Master has said clearly before that there will not be any changes.

All of Master's newest works will be published on Clearwisdom. Everything that is not published on Clearwisdom and circulated privately is fake.

The above content was specifically submitted to and approved for publishing by Master.