(Clearwisdom.net) There is a group of lovely girls in a college in Northeast China. They are very close to each other and one of them, Binger, is a Dafa practitioner, although the other girls did not know this at first. Once they found out, they all worried about Binger, since they had all been deceived by the propaganda slandering Dafa. So they took turns trying to convince her to give up Dafa. In return, she told them how great Falun Gong is, and how Falun Gong was slandered in China. Yet the friends did not understand at first: Tutu was almost in tears when they failed to convince Binger.

But one year later -- after Binger's truth-clarifying efforts -- they have all changed dramatically.

Xiaodi and Weiwei support Dafa and have learned all the exercises. Xiaodi volunteered to protect Binger from persecution, and also learned how to analyze the lies in TV programs as a result of knowing the real facts. Once, Binger's father destroyed her Dafa book, and Weiwei offered her own book to Binger.

Haha and Tutu support Falun Dafa and have learned to some of the exercises. Once, when Binger had gone to a different dorm room to play a truth-clarifying DVD, Haha, thinking Binger had forgotten the DVD, sent another one over herself. Tutu said her best friend believed the self-immolation incident was not true from the very beginning, and Haha's mother, when she saw the self-immolation on TV, wondered where they found all the actors. Haha reads lots of books, and even dreamed of a hint from Buddha one night.

Qinger and Tongtong also support Dafa. Tongtong said to Binger one day, "I want to watch the truth-clarifying DVD. Everyone else has seen it except me." Qinger said, "I haven't seen it either. Let's watch it together, we're already behind."

June 1, 2003