(Clearwisdom.net June 3 news)

In my surroundings there are many highly educated practitioners with well-paying jobs, who purposely gave up all their worldly possessions; of course many others were forced to give up everything by the persecution. They relinquished almost all of their worldly possessions and immersed themselves into truth clarification. In retrospect, many of them gave up their material wealth with a human heart; they guessed that the time period for Fa-rectification would be completed soon and maintained their attachment to a finite time period. They did not completely resolve their fundamental problems in cultivation. In other words, the issue of not being able to let go of fundamental attachments creates a problem. When their selfish goal deep in their hearts was not achieved as they had hoped, these people's minds were dealt a huge blow.

A typical situation commonly arose among these people. They realized that the time for the completion of Fa-rectification was not what they had expected and even appeared to be quiet remote. In the meantime, they had lost all material basis for existence in the human world, they were still suffering from the endless brutal persecution, and their psychological endurance seemed to have reached its limit. At this time, it became apparent that their righteous belief in Dafa was not as steadfast as they originally imagined, but was conditional. Some started to doubt Master and Dafa, and were not even able to be as good as ordinary people. In addition, there are other situations where obvious loopholes in understanding the Fa and in cultivating xinxing are evident. I feel that we need to do our best to help these practitioners. No matter what the arrangements of the old forces are, as long as we prioritize our tasks well, we can still help these practitioners, because all beings need our compassion. After all, they had initially contributed a great deal to Dafa and also have obtained the Fa. Unfortunately, if they cannot recognize their fundamental attachments, and instead hold onto them, then they cannot cultivate within the Fa, and they will miss the once-in-an-eternal-lifetime opportunity to cultivate during the Fa-rectification period.

As the Fa-rectification process gradually comes to an end, maybe all practitioners can calmly think for a minute about these questions:

  1. Why did I no longer want to be an ordinary person but chose to step onto the path of cultivation? In other words, what was the mindset I had when I first stepped across the threshold of Dafa?
  2. What is it that causes me to stay within Dafa, in the past, present, and future? Is it for a selfish purpose or is it selflessly for Dafa and for all sentient beings?
  3. What kind of heart do I have that causes me to participate in the Fa-rectification and truth clarification to everyday people? Do I expect a reward or do I do it unconditionally to save all beings with compassion?
  4. How do I validate the Fa from within the Fa? How do I establish and maintain the environment and conditions for truth clarification with wisdom? For example, Master mentioned the issue of our jobs. If we purposely gave up our jobs, our lives would be full of problems and we would eventually and unavoidably create great difficulties in truth clarification. That is to say, Teacher also arranged for us to have a relatively stable family and material foundation allowing us to live among ordinary people. If we mix our human heart into it, and do things irrationally according to our own thoughts, the deviation from the Fa would unavoidably manifest into the surface space. If it were not corrected in time, it would influence cultivation. Therefore we must cultivate within the Fa, validate the Fa, and save all sentient beings from within the Fa.