My mother-in-law is now 85 years old. She is very kind and gets along with her neighbours very well. Although she does not practice Falun Gong, she respects Dafa, Teacher and Dafa practitioners.

Once, a vicious person wanted to tear down a Dafa truth-clarification poster on a telephone pole. My mother-in-law stopped him and said, "Why do you want to tear it down? It is for others to read, if you tear it off, others won't be able to read it!" Instantly that vicious person didn't dare to tear the poster down.

My mother-in-law had a disease of the spine. It was so painful at times that she could not sleep. She tried taking medicine and sought many treatments, but nothing could cure her. Early one morning, my mother-in-law took a walk in a park. She saw a banner with red writing on a yellow background laying on the street, and walked closer to take a look. The banner read "Falun Dafa is good." She immediately picked it up and hung it on a tree with her pure benevolence and all of her strength.

The tree was particularily tall, and my mother-in-law finally succeeded in hanging the banner after her third attempt. She came back home and told me: "The banner looks very beautiful hanging on that tree." Then I asked her: "How do you feel?" She replied, "How come my spine doesn't hurt anymore?" Since then, her health has become better and better each day. She no longer has any sickness, and her vertebrae disease has never recurred.

The policemen of the local police station often came to look for me at my home. My mother-in-law severely scolded them many times. She would tell them, "My daughter-in-law is innocent, and she is a good person. You police are seizing good people, not bad people! Don't you have anything better to do?" Before when the police came, my mother-in-law would let them into the house. Gradually she refused to open the door for them at all. The police could not achieve anything, so they no longer come.