The SARS epidemic in China is getting worse and worse. Jiang's regime continues to hide the true situation. On the contrary, it pretends to be increasing "transparency" to the public. What is worse is that it openly cuts off all the on ramps to the information highway of Internet by closing Internet cafes, purportedly to "stop the spread of infection", but at the same time effectively preventing people from following global news on the true situation of SARS and the persecution of Falun Gong. How can we break the information blockade to better clarify the truth to Chinese people who have been deceived and harmed? I would like to present my understanding of the current situation here.

First we need to appreciate the urgency of saving all living beings. We need to use a practitioner's benevolence, wisdom, and reasoning and waste no time in saving every savable sentient being. The whole situation has been arranged by the old forces. For almost four years they have arranged for Jiang's regime to apply the nation's resources to harm all Chinese people with their lies. Their influence on lower level beings forced many people to persecute practitioners and caused them to misunderstand Dafa or generate prejudice, animosity, and even hatred toward Dafa. Then they cleaned out those they considered not useful any more.

We need to appreciate how many sentient beings have been poisoned and harmed. Many people in China have yet to see the truth, and thus their lives are in jeopardy. I understand that the old forces have already begun their cleaning-up, and I believe that disasters may come one after another. There may be even more people destroyed. Lives are precious. Teacher has said that people in the world nowadays have all reincarnated from high levels and have predestined relationships with Dafa. They must have formed predestined relationships with Teacher or practitioners in their previous lives. Practitioners in the Fa-rectification period do not cultivate for their own consummation, but to save sentient beings during the Fa-rectification process. So, prior to the arrival of the mighty Fa-rectification force in the human world, how can we not do our best to save beings whose lives are in critical danger? Facing the arrangement of the old forces, we have inexcusable responsibilities to do a better job and to extend our coverage in clarifying the truth.

The main body of practitioners is in China. All of us need to take action to expose the Jiang regime's evil nature of continuous deception, and to disclose all lies that they made in persecuting Falun Gong. In the meantime we need to use the utmost kindness and benevolence, patience and consideration, and use easily understood language to explain the concept that Heaven will bless them with peace and happiness if they have good thoughts about Dafa.

The Fa-rectification process is proceeding swiftly. Everything in this world is changing rapidly as well. Things encountered in our truth clarifying are all dynamic. Only if we continue to elevate ourselves, and to study and learn, can we then effectively save the sentient beings. Thus the requirements of our state of cultivation are becoming more and more demanding.

From this it occurred to me that in our preparing materials related to SARS, we should not talk at too high a level, and even more importantly, we should not combine our emotions with our own points of view. Many people have been deceived by the lies. Not only they do not know the truth, many also hold animosities toward practitioners. If the way you bring up the subject is not appropriate, it is easy to cause misunderstandings. Besides, nowadays people's moral standards are quite low. On the one hand, they do not believe in god or heaven, and do not believe that you will be rewarded according to what you have done. On the other hand, people become more and more sensitive and easily upset when life and death issues are involved. So if we cannot appreciate their situations and act properly, we will fail to get them to understand the truth and possibly cause them to form negative opinions about Falun Dafa and practitioners, perhaps even leading them to act irrationally. Then, instead of saving them, we have actually pushed them away. Are we doing a good deed or a bad deed?

Master said in Clearheadedness (Essentials for Further Advancement),

"While working, your tone of voice, your kindheartedness, and your reasoning can change a person's heart."

Master also said in Explaining the Fa during the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference,

"In clarifying the truth, when a person's fundamental issues are touched, and at the same time he feels that Dafa disciples are truly saving him, then I think the side of him that's clear about things will emerge."

I hope that we can constantly remind ourselves of Teacher's words in our clarifying the truth to people. We need to think other's well-being first. In discussions with non-practitioners, we need to rely on our benevolence and wisdom as practitioners. When talking to people, we need to use the most easy-to-accept ways, combining them with affection and reasoning to follow the audience's attachments to some degree. We need to use appropriate language and simple examples that people can understand easily to convey deeper meanings. Then there will be more people saved by learning the truth of Dafa.