Dalian forced labor camp's female division was established in November 2000. Here, one-hundred or so local area Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained together with a few other prisoners. This camp's political instructors traveled to the notorious Masanjia forced labor camp in order to be trained in their brutal methods of persecuting Dafa practitioners. The political instructors learned the methods of using regular inmates and surveillance devices to watch every move of the detained practitioners. They forced the practitioners to put their hands behind their backs and sit on a stool while being brainwashed with broadcasts of fabricated lies slandering Falun Gong and Teacher. Practitioners were not allowed to recite Falun Dafa articles, practice Falun Dafa exercises, or talk to each other. Sometimes they were forced to work on some handcrafts for export.

According to camp procedure, a detained person could submit an appeal of innocence within 60 days. At that time, almost all detained practitioners requested in writing to be released, but no one received any formal reply. Thus, approximately 80 female practitioners at the camp went on hunger strike. Ten or so practitioners continued the hunger strikes for 20 -- 30 days and suffered the twice daily forced feedings by the political instructors who used plastic tubes to pump in left-over Chinese cabbage soup from the daily meal. Later the camp police switched to using a piece of water hose for the forced feeding. The size of the hose was bigger than a person's nostril, so they put the hose into the practitioner's mouth. Many practitioners were bleeding from their noses and mouths due to forced feeding. Ms. Fu Shuying age 50 was overcome with cramps and started vomiting white fluid while being shocked with electric batons by the police. Ms. Gao Xiang was battered by policeman Wang Juan with a rubber club and started bleeding from her uterus. Both of her legs were so swollen that she could not bend them. With purplish black and swollen legs, Ms. Gao limped, dragging one leg an inch at a time. Another practitioner, Ms. Sun Lianxia, continued her refusal to eat or drink but kept explaining the facts of Falun Gong to the political instructor and insisting on her unconditional release. After holding a 30-day hunger strike, Ms. Sun died.

There is an unfair regulation called "Ten No's," which was established to deprive practitioners of their basic human rights at the Dalian forced labor camp. For example, "no reciting of Falun Dafa scriptures," "no doing Falun Gong exercises," etc. Otherwise, brutal beatings were applied. Due to her practice of the Falun Gong exercises, Ms. Man Chunrong was shackled to a window frame and beaten until unconscious. Her legs from her hips to her knees were beaten until they were covered with purplish black bruises throughout. Even so, the camp police would not allow Ms. Man to lie down and rest in her bed, but forced her to sit on a stool with thorns. She overheard her political instructor, Mr. Sui Ziqiang, telling others that torturing her was what "The top management instructs us to do."

In early March 2001, using the Party terminology of "Education, Saving, and Reformation," the political instructors moved the female division into a brand-new building. In the lobby of the building, they hung a large banner that slandered Falun Dafa for the detained practitioners to sign or else receive severe beatings. Ms. Li Hua refused to sign the banner and also tried to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to political instructors Lin Yi and Wang Juan. Those two men covered Ms. Li with a bag and brutally battered her until their plastic clubs were broken and her head was swollen beyond recognition. Later they asked Ms. Li whether she would hate them. With a great practitioner's benevolence, Ms. Li still spoke to them in a kind and benevolent manner while explaining the facts of Falun Gong. The two political instructors were moved by her benevolent manner. Mr. Lin Yi admitted that he had known earlier, while working at a drug rehabilitation center, that all who practiced Falun Gong are good people.

Later on, in order to carry out the forced brainwashing, the political instructors installed speakers in all the rooms for constant broadcasting of propaganda programs that consisted of fabrications and slandered Falun Gong and Teacher. Surveillance devices were mounted everywhere, including in the hallway, restrooms, and storage rooms. The camp also provided closed circuit TV to each detention room for broadcasting videos of speeches by some "collaborators" [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture]. Even with this effort, all was in vain. The camp superior had to send out an order to increase the reformation rate "using all means." Therefore, an extremely vicious act was performed at Dalian forced labor camp on 3/19/2001.

On that day, political instructors pasted up posters slandering Falun Dafa everywhere in the building. Practitioners tore down some of those posters that defamed Dafa. That night all the detained practitioners were punished with physical torture (they were forced to stand with legs widely spaced, hands on the head, and to bend over at 90 to 180 degrees). The camp forced practitioners to sign the paper denouncing Falun Gong and its founder. Those who refused to sign were hit and beaten relentlessly by the camp guards and other regular prisoners. They also continuously shocked the firm practitioners using 5 long electric batons, after pouring cold water over them to increase the pain. As a result of this atrocity, Ms. Ding Hong, Ms. Dong Guiyan, and Ms. Zhang Jing received yellowish blisters all over their heads, faces, and necks from the electric shocks. The skin on the back of Ms. Ding Hong was lacerated due to the electric shock. This vicious activity lasted for three days and three nights.

Then the camp political instructors called in dozens of collaborators from Fushun City and Dalian City to brainwash the detained practitioners. Those former practitioners who betrayed Dafa under intense pressure quoted fragments of various teachings out of context in an attempt to confuse and destroy the firm belief and the righteous thoughts of true practitioners. They applied mental and physical harassment. The forced brainwashing went on for several days. The political instructors also used deceit together with physical punishment. If a practitioner did not collapse and yield after a few days, the camp personnel would arrange a group beating for the practitioner. Under of that kind of physical torture, a firm practitioner Ms. Wang Qiuxia, lost her life.