(Clearwisdom.net) This article about a certain make and model of printer was written a month ago. A few days ago, a practitioner from another site came to ask some questions about a printer of the same type, which made me realize it was necessary to publish the article.

Although I've sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time, I haven't had many profound experiences doing it. Therefore, the few that I have had are engraved deeply in my mind.

I had begun working at a new materials site. A fellow practitioner put a certain printer in front of me and told me that this fellow "friend" was an old "guerrilla." He then briefly introduced its "temperament and characteristics" and told me how to deal with it. He specifically pointed out that it was likely to jam when printing the backside of a piece of paper. I carefully wrote down his advice and asked for the solution to solve the jamming problem, but he had none.

In the following days, problems occurred as expected. Based on the notes I made previously, I calmly solved them one by one. Of course, the jamming problem happened every day. Since the fellow practitioner had said there was no solution, I didn't give it a second thought. But looking at the jammed papers every day, I felt uneasy.

One day, an older lady who was in charge of the materials site reminded me to treat the problem with righteous thoughts. She said the same problem had happened at another site a few days earlier and it had stopped after they sent forth righteous thoughts. I was suddenly enlightened. Sitting in front of the machine with double-crossed legs, I started to send forth righteous thoughts. Sure enough, jamming problems happened less frequently, which really encouraged me. Since then, I would send forth righteous thoughts in front of the machine at regular intervals. Although the situation improved, the problem still couldn't be completely eliminated.

Several days passed. One day, a practitioner from another site who was in charge of purchasing came to our site. I mentioned the problem and he told me all of these models had the same problem. I felt relieved, thinking, "The jamming problem had no connection with evil forces." I had no doubt concerning his comments, since he had been in charge of purchasing machines for the material sites for a long time.

As it happened, "Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference" was published the next day. It was my first time using this printer to print one of Master's lectures. Seeing the jammed paper, I couldn't feel at ease. It's Master's lecture--how could it be this way? I kept sending forth righteous thoughts but it had no effect at all. I felt badly. Should I continue to print or not? How could I give these crumpled pages to fellow practitioners? Who would feel comfortable reading them? Was it impossible to solve it at all? I felt I must have a solemn and clear thought on this. On the surface, maybe it seemed it was not the interference from evils, since all the machines of this type have this problem. Then I realized how much I was influenced by what fellow practitioners had said. Without noticing it, I had accepted and believed all they said about the machine, which blocked my thinking like a wall.

I started to think that even if all these particular printers had the same problem just as the fellow practitioners told me, and even if they all behaved that way from the day they were manufactured, as a being, it was not in the right state. It should be corrected. Furthermore, it was a being that was participating in Dafa work during the Fa-rectification period. Shouldn't Dafa rectify it? As a Dafa practitioner, shouldn't I be able to rectify it?

As soon as I realized this, without any hesitation I immediately sat down with legs crossed and my right palm erect in front of my chest to send forth the most pure and powerful righteous thoughts to eliminate any factors in its life that caused it to have jamming problems, and rectify it at the most fundamental and microcosmic level. When sending forth this thought, I felt every cell and pore of my whole body open and waves of heat emit from my skin. I felt that the thought was not just powerful enough to "open the mountain" but also to "create the heaven and the earth." I was surprised to see, after I opened my eyes, a fellow practitioner who was working on other projects had stopped doing what she had been doing and was sending forth righteous thoughts with me. I told her my understandings, and she totally agreed with me. She told me that she felt the powerful energy when I was sending forth righteous thoughts just now and that's why she joined to help me. I felt very grateful. We all felt that we had solved the problem fundamentally and believed the jamming problem would not happen again.

However, when I resumed the printing, contrary to our expectations, the jamming problem still existed and was even worse than before. Nevertheless, my mind remained as calm as still water. If the situation happened at any other time before, I would not have been able to calm down. However, the deep and real feeling at the moment I was sending forth righteous thoughts made me believe that I had already changed it, a fact that I didn't doubt at all. That's because I truly believe Dafa is omnipotent and can rectify anything that is not right. As a Dafa practitioner, I should do it and also be able to do it, because Dafa has bestowed upon me this ability.

At that time, it was already dark. The fellow practitioner suggested stopping work for the day and so we did.

In the evening, when fellow practitioners gathered together to share experiences, I recalled my experience during the day and shared my thoughts. I told them I truly believed I already changed the printer even though it was still jamming.

What didn't surprise me at all was that, ever since the following day, that printer has not jammed at all. I know that if I had even a little doubt in my righteous thoughts, the result would be different.

Through this experience, I had a clearer perception of what true thoughts are and I have a much deeper understandings on the solemnity of cultivation during the Fa-rectification period.

However, even to this stage, the old forces are still creating false phenomena, attempting to sway my belief in Dafa. I definitely will not acknowledge or accept any of it.