(Clearwisdom.net) The police in Liuan City, Anhui Province brutally persecute Dafa disciples. In mid-April of this year, Huoshan Police Department of Liuan City arrested Dafa disciple Mei Lanzhu, a teacher in her 50's. She was sent to Liuan City Police Department in late April, and was tortured to death about two weeks later. The police lied to the public and claimed that she committed suicide.

Liuan City police have employed a large number of thugs and hooligans to follow and monitor Dafa disciples. Some of them broke into Dafa disciples' houses to search for Dafa truth clarification materials. Dafa disciple Shao Bixia was arrested after they broke into her house and found Dafa materials. The police used all means in trying to find the sources of the materials. Shao Bixia now is in a very dangerous situation.

For a long time, Liuan City police and "610 Office" have brutally persecuted Dafa disciples and have been praised by their superiors. One source says that a huge amount of money will be spent here to build up a large-scale brainwashing center.

List of criminals in Liuan City:

City "610 Office" chiefs: Chen Changguo (home phone 86-564-3309168), Chen Jiuduo and Liu Shihao

City Police Department Chief, Guo Deyi, in charge of persecution of Dafa disciples, police department duty-office: 86-564-3221479

City Police Department Chief, Ye Hui, persecutes Dafa disciples with Guo Deyi

City Police Department No. 1 Section police, Zhang Qun, cell phone: 86-13805645298

Wang Xingquan (also called Wang Meiquan), cell phone: 86-13956130635, home phone: 86-564-3284230.

City Police Department No. 1 Section police, Pan Jun, cell phone: 86-13014027806, home: 86-564-3223247

City "610 Office": 86-564-3224810

Yuan District Political and Law Committee: 86-564-3213747

Yuan District Police Department No. 1 Section: 86-564-3285931

Xiaonanhai Police Station's section chief Xiong: 86-13956136060