As I remember, before July 22, 1999, I got up every day at around 4 a.m. and went to the practice site to join the group practice, and joined group Fa-study almost every evening. Most of my time after work was spent on Fa-study. Usually I studied three Chapters of Zhuan Falun. I tried to memorize Zhuan Falun and did remember parts of it. But I felt that it was difficult to memorize the whole book chapter by chapter. I thought it was impossible to do that.

In early 2000, I was held at a Detention Center. With me I brought a pocket copy of Zhuan Falun and started memorize it. It took me one week to memorize the first Chapter, four days to memorize Chapter 2, three days for chapter 3, and two days each for the following chapters. I could now recite the whole book. After that, I did not need a book to study Dafa. I remember that a thief from Shandong Province who was detained with me dreamt that he had reached the second layer of heaven after reading Zhuan Falun. As soon as he finished reading the ninth chapter, he was transferred to another place. One life was saved!

In July of 2000, I was sent to a forced labor camp. In mid-July officers from the Ministry of Judiciary came to the camp to supervise the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. All of the determined Dafa practitioners were bound up. No sleeping, no water, no food, and no use of toilets was allowed. Several days later, a few collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp arrived. While Dafa practitioners were very tired from the torture, the collaborators tried to confuse us by misrepresenting Dafa and intentionally distorting the principles. In that environment, under the constant pressure of the old forces, and because of my attachments, I was confused for a period of time. Just as Teacher said in Essentials for Further Advancement II "Drive Out Interference," "The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." When I recited Dafa, the inner meanings of Zhuan Falun appeared one after another and destroyed the false theories of the collaborators.

I told fellow practitioners what I had enlightened to from Dafa, and we all knew what we should do (I was lucky to have read Teacher's article "Drive Out Interference"). When I told them that Teacher asked us to be "Gods who are unshakable and solid, like diamond." we burst into tears.

I was confined in a closed cell many times. I spent both winter and summer days in the closed cell. In it I suffered from hunger, thirst, foul smells, and mosquito bites. But I felt that the time elapsed too quickly because I needed time to recite Dafa. Usually I would recite Zhuan Falun [main book of Dafa teachings] at least once and Hong Yin [collection of poems by Master Li Hongzhi] at least once per day. There is one sentence in Zhuan Falun --"The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." While I was reciting Dafa, the energy emitted out rectified the environment. One fellow practitioner was detained in a neighboring cell. He was in a confused state from being brutally tortured. When I was first detained there, he had only about two hours of peace per day, most of the other time he was shouting or groaning because he suffered such intense pain. When I was detained, I noticed that whenever I recited Dafa, the energy emitted could help the mental patients in the nearby rooms become more focused and alert to the present and they would become quiet. So as I recited Dafa every day, that fellow practitioner's groaning time became less and less, and his mind became clearer and clearer. After about one month, he regained his clear mind, and was out on bail for medical treatment. I do not know if he will read this article, but it's the power of Dafa that helped him recover from the state of mental confusion induced by the torture. I hope he kept studying Dafa after going home.

I was confined in the closed cells for a total of about 150 days. When the police officers found that containing me there did not work, they turned to brainwashing methods. One brainwashing session lasted 49 days, another one lasted 81 days. Police did not ask collaborators to "work" on me because they are afraid of the collaborators being reformed by me. So they played videos that were made to slander Dafa for over ten hours per day. I ignored those videos and kept on reciting Dafa in my mind. They then tried to force me to read Dafa slandering materials. I refused without hesitation. They asked criminals to read those materials to me; I blocked my ears with my hands. At their wits end, police officers extended my term again and again, and forced me to work long hours. But I still kept on reciting Dafa, and the content of Zhuan Falun directed and enlightened me. Sometimes, I could recite several chapters in a day. This lasted until my term came to an end.

After going home, I read Teacher's new articles, learned the three important things that Teacher told us we should do. I read many stories of fellow Dafa practitioners. From their great achievements I saw my shortcomings. As a particle in Dafa, I should do what I am supposed to do. Now when any issue comes to me, I think: is this the arrangement of the old forces? Regardless, I make my judgment based on Dafa. The key point is to understand Dafa based on Dafa. After reading Teacher's latest articles, I feel the urgency to save sentient beings and I feel the preciousness of being a Dafa practitioner. Other fellow Dafa practitioners released from forced labor camps, would you share your views with me?

May 14, 2003