• Ms. Li Went on Eight Hunger Strikes and Was Sentenced Unjustly Twice
  • Mr. An, Full of Righteousness with No Complaints Nor Regrets
  • Ms. Ning Remained Determined After Various Hardships
  • Enlightening to the Fa through studying and cultivating the Fa
  • Breaking through the Darkness and Gradually Entering the Stage of Improvement

Ms. Li Went on Eight Hunger Strikes and Was Sentenced Unjustly Twice

Ms. Li obtained the Fa in 1998. Less than a year later, the persecution of Falun Gong began. On July 22, 1999, Ms. Li and several other practitioners went to the provincial government to appeal for Falun Dafa. She was detained. On December 25, 1999, Ms. Li, Mr. Hong and three other practitioners stood on the gate tower of Tiananmen. She was sentenced to one year. In prison she went on 8 different hunger strikes to protest the persecution. From her own words, she would go on a hunger strike whenever she felt she should. She was force-fed and fainted many times. Nothing could shake her determination to cultivate to the very end. Even though her hands were cuffed, when it was time to do the Falun Dafa exercises she could slip her hands out of the cuffs. This action puzzled the prison guards.

On December 25, 2000, Ms. Li returned to her hometown after she was released from Beijing. Over 30 local police surrounded the hotel where she was detained. She laughed and said to the police: "You're trying to keep me under surveillance? I can get away whenever I want." At that time, many practitioners went to see her. Although she suffered from a year's torture, her complexion looked rosy and very healthy. She looked even younger than before she was incarcerated.

Later, in June of 2001, while Ms. Li and two other practitioners were out hanging Falun Dafa banners in a district, an evil person reported them to the authorities. Once again, she was arrested. During the detention, she did not say anything to the police and went on a continual hunger strike to protest. She was again unjustly sentenced to three years. I believe the respected Ms. Li will again come out of the prison with glory and dignity.

Ms. Li made an impact on those around her. In the beginning of 2000, a young man from our work unit who graduated from Beijing University was arrested while rectifying the Fa in Tiananmen Square. When a police officer learned that he came from the same place as Ms. Li, the police asked him if he knew Ms. Li. The police officer said: "Ms. Li is a good example. Your Teacher has taught such great disciples. I believe that your Falun Gong will be rectified. Please don't forget me, then". The fellow practitioner said: "As long as you place yourself on the right side and treat Falun Dafa practitioners well, you will have a bright future."

Mr. An, Full of Righteousness with No Complaints Nor Regrets

Mr. An is the youngest cadre in our district's division head's ranks and one of the youngest graduates with a Master's degree to be placed in our work unit since the Great Cultural Revolution. His management capability and ethics were well known. After July 20, 1999, Mr. An was secretly detained and interrogated for 4 months.

Mr. An was responsible for a several hundred million Yuan investment. The wicked people could not believe he had not made a single mistake in handling this much money. They investigated Mr. An only to find several thousands Yuan of receipts which he should have reported as expenses of the work unit. In the end, the section leader who was responsible for the investigation had to admit admirably: "Cadres as pure as you no longer exist anymore, it is such a pity." Although Mr. An was so pure and righteous, he was stripped of all his titles and responsibilities. This event had a huge impact on our division. All the employees knew that Falun Gong practitioners are kind people and great cadres. It is the government that cannot tolerate the existence of good people.

Mr. An's family is a family of cultivators. His wife had to live on street to avoid persecution. However, the evil authorities never dared to touch him. Under the most severe circumstances of persecution, he carried a resignation letter with him. As soon as the higher authorities talked about "transformation", he would have immediately resigned. The wicked people were afraid that it would be more difficult to control Mr. An after he resigned, and so, they had to give up their plan to transform him. Mr. An often said that as long as you act as solid as a rock, they would not be able to pry you open. Whenever practitioners were released from prison, Mr. An would always go to see them. He also went to talk to those who "enlightened" along the evil path. He saved many people on the verge of falling into darkness.

Ms. Ning Remained Determined After Various Hardships

Ms. Ning is an unmarried young woman. She is also a member of the first group of Dafa practitioners who were sentenced unjustly.

In July of 1999, Ms. Ning was detained for over a month. In September 1999, she went to Tiananmen Square alone and shouted from her heart "Falun Gong has been wrongfully treated, restore the reputation of our Teacher". She was arrested and returned to her hometown and sentenced to three years at a labor camp in Jinan Female Prison. In the prison, she suffered many brutal tortures. Under these circumstances, she could not get Teacher's new articles, so she relied totally on her firm belief in Dafa and our Teacher. She maintained her hunger strike for eight months to protest. During this time, her legs were tortured until her bones fractured. In October 2002, she was permitted to seek medical treatment outside of the prison. She was finally able to read Teacher's new articles from the last three years. Later, she was again arrested in Tianjin and was put in prison again. She went on a hunger strike for 40 days. With her determined righteous thoughts, once again she was released from prison.

Enlightening to the Fa through studying and cultivating the Fa

There is no model in cultivation. One can only enlighten to the Fa through studying and cultivating the Fa. We must walk our correct path of cultivation and validate the Fa under our own circumstances in our own way.

Mr. Li is a typical example from around me. He is a senior engineer and has great influence on his peers in China. On July 20, 1999, he went to the provincial government to appeal by himself. He had participated in the group exercise of about 200 people in the beginning of 2000. Winter is very cold in northern China, especially for those of Mr. Li's age. He was detained together with about ten young practitioners and he slept on cold hard benches. For four years, he presented himself on every occasion, Fa-study, group exercise, clarifying the truth, sending forth righteous thought, experience sharing conferences of large or small scale, passing out truth-clarifying materials, posting flyers, and discussing and exchanging with practitioners who had gone astray. More interestingly, he often visited the representative of the People's Congress (former party secretary) and the chairman of the Labor Union to discuss Falun Gong. He painstakingly and thoroughly explained the facts about Falun Gong. Although they were deeply poisoned by the longtime propaganda of atheism and it was difficult for them to accept the principles of Falun Dafa, they, nevertheless, could admit the fact that persecuting Falun Gong was wrong and Falun Gong practitioners were all good people.

My Own Experience

I obtained the Fa in October 1995. I graduated with a Master's degree and am a senior engineer. Before July 20, 1999, I had been an intermediate level cadre for five or six years. During the last four years, I have been detained and forced to attend brainwashing classes three times. I will list a few examples to demonstrate the battle of righteousness against evil in our region.

In the beginning of 2000, under extremely adverse circumstances, we arranged to hold a large-scale group practice of the Falun Gong exercises with the participation of hundreds of practitioners. This event greatly shook the evil, and its impact could never be overestimated. It presented a loud response to the so-called 98% transformation rate and created an environment for future Fa-rectification. After the group exercise, one group of practitioners after another went to Tiananmen Square and walked up to the building of Tiananmen to appeal. Fellow practitioners were greatly encouraged.

During an interrogation that lasted an entire week, we would sit down to study the Fa, to practice the exercises, and to discuss whenever we had an opportunity. If the police said disrespectful words towards Falun Dafa or our Teacher, we would warn them: Attacking our great Teacher was a crime and those who did would go down to hell. Although I did not know the power of sending forth righteous thought at that time, I believed that the righteous thoughts and beliefs of practitioners towards Teacher played a great role in eliminating evil in other dimensions. Later on, the police would say "Master Li" or "your Teacher" in front of us.

One time, seven or eight policemen came to interrogate me; but instead, it became a conversation. I discussed the new discoveries of paleontology to demonstrate the absurdity of evolution, from science to belief, from the beginning of Falun Dafa's spreading in China to the truth of 4.25, etc. The police took turns asking me all kinds of questions. I painstakingly answered them. A few police cursed Falun Dafa and our Teacher; I would sternly stop them and warn them seriously and prevent them from talking further nonsense. In the end, the director said: "Mr. Cheng, there's no one like you, not even among ten thousand people?" I told him: "All the Falun Dafa practitioners are similar to me. Our Teacher taught us this way."

After the 2000 Chinese New Year, Mr. Zhang (pseudonym, he was sentenced to 2 years in a labor camp unjustly in October 2000), a man from our academy, had been on a hunger strike for 8 days and he was still detained in our work unit and not allowed to go home. I made a direct call to the party secretary. He was very happy because he thought he could get some useful information from me. When I got there, the secretary of the disciplinary committee who was responsible for persecuting Falun Gong in our academy was there. He sat there seriously, holding a notebook in his hand. I said: "Mr. Zhang has been on a hunger strike for 8 days; his life will be in danger if the hunger strike continues." I saw the secretary of the disciplinary committee taking notes, so I intentionally slowed down to give him time to take notes. I continued: "Mao Zedong wrongly launched the Great Cultural Revolution. Didn't Premier Zhou risk his life to protect many people? The current persecution (of Falun Dafa) is obviously wrong. Why don't you learn from premier Zhou's example and leave a way out for yourselves?" They said: "This is different," however, they were scared in their hearts. I warned them: "You know doing this (persecuting Mr. Zhang) is wrong, yet you do it anyway." They said: "Thank you." Soon after I left, they released Mr. Zhang.

During the last four years of Fa-rectification, I took the advantage of my influence among fellow employees and leaders to clarify the truth. At times, I did hope that there would be an incident so that I could seize the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. I have talked to the dean, assistant dean, party secretary, and the secretary of the disciplinary committee.

Breaking through the Darkness and Gradually Entering the Stage of Improvement

The last four years experience of trials and tribulations has matured the Dafa practitioners in our area. Most of the practitioners joined the mighty torrent of Fa-rectification. Stations for truth-clarifying materials sprang up everywhere. Although I was able get on the Internet, elderly practitioners read the new Teachings before I could. Even though the evil tried various methods (to get us), the materials downloaded from Minghui Net have never been stopped. As the time passed, the evil has been vastly eliminated, and more and more people have gradually realized the truth. Even some officials in the 610 office [An agency specifically created to persecuteáFalun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] are no longer willing to handle issues related to Falun Gong.

Early this year, a few extremely wicked people proposed that the 610 Office detain several very influential practitioners who had never been shaken by anything. The leader of the 610 Office told them: "Don't ask for trouble. You don't have any evidence. These people will never succumb, even if you beat them to death. And, if you did, who would take responsibility for it? There is no way we could handle this. Let's forget about it." As a result, their evil plot was never implemented.

In fact, during the most severe stage of the persecution, some everyday people also stood up for Falun Dafa practitioners. Two people in my research group were most precious. When I was dismissed from my work for detention, they defended me several times in front of the leaders in conferences. They even resigned their leadership positions to defend me. When I was forced to leave my work unit to pursue a Ph.D. and during the time I prepared documents to go abroad, many famous specialists, professors, and friends risked their careers to help me. All of these acts demonstrated that many people had the courage to stand up and support Falun Dafa even under extreme pressure. As our efforts to clarify the truth deepens and the evil is diminished in large scale, many people become more and more clear and more and more people have placed themselves on the right side.