(Clearwisdom.net) As the lawsuit against Jiang progresses, we now have a deeper understanding of the significance of bringing the lawsuit against him. Right now, the purpose is to uphold justice in the world and punish the evil. It's not only for our Dafa practitioners, it's also for the world's people.

Cultivators do not mind personal gains and losses, because our life's value and purpose are not based on how the world treat us, be it well or ill. Why are we bringing a lawsuit against Jiang then? Because he systematically persecutes Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale, and the crimes he is committing are violating heavenly principles. He is turning the truth upside down and undermining morality. His brutality against people on the basis of spiritual belief is in fact destroying people's longstanding respect for gods. It is ruining their return to "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." He is wearing away people's willingness to resist and oppose evil. He is destroying, from the root, spiritual, moral and social standards that allow humankind to maintain and continue their existence, and he is destroying the basic standards and the very fabric of what heaven has given to mankind. Jiang's ruthless behavior is ruining countless people. If we don't act, we would be condoning the evil and not being responsible for the world's people.

The lawsuit against Jiang is something that will allow everyone in the world to again see the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and to clear-headedly choose their own future. Because of this goal, truth clarification is extremely important throughout the course of the lawsuit. It directly determines whether this lawsuit will be successful. This is a significant activity in the human world that will allow people to recognize clearly, actively suppress, and eliminate the evil.

If we cannot fundamentally understand what is required of us as a whole by today's Fa-rectification process, if we cannot understand that the fundamental purpose of this great trial is to save people, and if we cannot actively and effectively clarify the truth, covering the greatest area and with the greatest depth, and to help people understand the significance of this trial in relation to them, we will not be able to achieve our goal to suppress the evil through the form of a lawsuit.

Dafa practitioners in China risked their lives to provide us with first-hand material for this lawsuit, which has paved the way for our truth clarification. The responsibilities of overseas practitioners are to widely clarify the truth to governments of different countries, on different levels and to people of society, so that Jiang truly has nowhere to hide.