(Clearwisdom.net) Jinzhou, Liaoning, Labor Institution's second unit brutally persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. The institution head, Zhang Haiping, had to move into a hospital for treatment. He was diagnosed with diabetics, heart disease, and liver problems. His lower leg's artery became atrophied and he is unable to leave his bed.

Four Incidents of Karmic Retribution in Shanhaiguan City, Hebei Province

1. Fan Jinglan, director of Shanhaiguan Police Division 2nd Unit, is a vicious person. He's very eager to persecute practitioners, and personally beats them. Later he was transferred to the Rouji (chicken) Factory Police Station as a police chief. In the summer of 2002, he was transferred back to the Shanhaiguan Police Division, 3rd Unit, as a director. When he was arresting practitioners his diabetes symptoms appeared. He was sent to Qinhuangdao City Hospital and stayed for a month.

2. Zheng Dapeng was the vice-director of the Preliminary Hearing Department, Shanhaiguan Police Sub-Bureau. In 1997 he was reassigned to the first section of the Sub-Bureau. He focused on persecuting Falun Gong and was extremely vicious. He beat and tortured practitioners personally. At the end of last year, his acts of colluding with criminals were exposed, and he was sent to the Nanyao River Police Station demoted to level of regular officer.

3. The Quaoliang Factory arranged for Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Guoli, Shanhaiguan workers from Xincun, to monitor practitioners. Their surveillance led to a practitioner's arrest last summer. Immediately following the arrest, Zhang Guoli's wife's body was covered with boils. She screamed all day and night, and all the residents could hear her from the hallway.

4. A couple from Luocheng, Shanhaiguan, monitored a practitioner from next door for 500 yuan (about a monthly salary for an urban worker in China). Their surveillance led to a practitioner's arrest last summer. Right after that incident the wife fell ill and remained ill for a long time. The medical bill was close to 2000 yuan. Later the couple realized that the sickness was karmic retribution for wrong deeds committed against Dafa practitioners.

March 19, 2003