(Clearwisdom.net) Today is March 2, 2003. At 11:45 am, I went to Tiananmen Square on a bus. When I got off the bus, I saw dozens of police cars parked inside and outside of the railings. Many police were milling around the Square.

I walked twice around Tiananmen Square and heard the police talking on radios everywhere. There were few tourists. Around 12:30 pm, I walked through the underground tunnel. Many armed and unarmed police were there checking the identification of passers-by and even searching their bags. I came to Changan Street. Police cars lined up on both sides of the street for a long distance. They were walking around and interrogating tourists. I walked through the gate of Tiananmen under the watchful eyes of the police. Police cars and police were both inside and outside of Tiananmen. It appeared that they were facing a formidable enemy.

I walked around the Zhongshan Park on the west side of Tiananmen and returned to Gold Water Bridge around 1:30 pm. The Square was under marshal law. There were no tourists to be seen, only police and their cars. All the tourists were pushed back to the north side of Golden Water Street and Changan Street. Even the underground tunnels were lined with policemen. A big bulletin board stood on the south side with the words: Temporary transportation regulation, public vehicles must detour. Some drivers went the wrong way, unaware of the new rule, and policemen shouted at them, and creating traffic jams. People were standing outside the railing and talking about something in a very low voice, which I could not hear clearly. No one dared to speak loudly. Some people were even afraid of staying there too long. More and more police gathered there. Whenever the police saw somebody looking like a stranger or several people sticking close together, they would go over to interrogate them. Innocent people had to obey.

Around 2:30 pm, police cars with loud sirens led the way as a dozen or more large and medium sized cars drove into the Square. Fearful of being interrogated, people around me had all left except for myself. An armed policeman asked me to show my citizen identification card. I did not follow his order. He wanted to search my bag. I did not let him. He asked me to leave. I walked towards the bus station.

Another armed policeman came over to interrogate me. I did not cooperate. After I walked to the bus station, I saw many people standing on the roadside wearing armbands saying "security inspector". When a bus arrived, they would ask the ticket clerk if there was anything important to take note of. The ticket clerks also wore armbands. The bus was very crowded. Somebody said, "Today is the opening ceremony for the 'Two Conferences.' (an annual political event held by the Party) Representatives have all come to register. That's why we are under marshal law. It appears the police are very tense. Are they guarding against the people? Are the representatives of the people's interest afraid of being seen?"

I hope that Dafa practitioners all over the world send forth righteous thoughts uniformly, eradicate the evil in other dimensions and save sentient beings. It would be best if you can send forth righteous thoughts at a close distance. Let all of our Dafa practitioners do the three things well with righteous thoughts and righteous actions.