(Clearwisdom.net) The Article 23 Concern Group in Hong Kong pointed out yesterday that the proposed Article 23 legislation violates the principles of the Basic Law and damages human rights. The group also criticized the government's refusal to publish the draft in the form of a White Bill since this is ignoring public opinion. Another group, representatives of the Democratic Party, marched to the government headquarters to express their opposition to Article 23. They are concerned about the likelihood of dissident groups being suppressed and the impact on freedom of the press. The representatives burned the Blue Bill document to express their dissatisfaction.

Yeung Sum: Anger about the government's refusal to issue White Bill

Around 30 Democratic Party representatives marched to the government headquarters yesterday afternoon to oppose Article 23. Democratic Party Chairman Yeung Sum expressed his anger about the government's refusal to issue a White Bill. He worried that if "public interest" could not be used as the defending reason for disclosing certain information, it would definitely impact the freedom of press. As for "banned organizations," he believed that if the final court decided to have a closed-door hearing, it would become a "secret trial."

Sixty percent of Hong Kong people still feel worried

The Democratic Party visited over 600 people. 60% of them felt that the Blue Bill had not been able to ease their worries, and agreed that the public should vote for passing or rejecting Article 23 legislation. The Democratic Party requested the government to cancel the Article 23 draft's two rounds of readings and to do another public consultation.


White Bill, a legislation that requires further consultation

Blue Bill, a legislation that can be passed without further consultation