A short note: "Watch out for the dogs downstairs."

My parents often clarified the facts to the woman next door. After learning the truth [about Falun Dafa], this woman herself now tells others the truth. Because our house is often monitored, sometimes my parents leave truth clarifying materials at her apartment. Around the time of Spring Festival, she sent me a short note saying, "Watch out for the dogs downstairs." It turned out that the police had put people downstairs to monitor my family twenty-four hours a day. Auntie sent this note to warn us.

My neighbor's friend knows the truth.

I clarified the facts to one of my neighbor's friends and gave her Dafa VCDs and tapes [that explain the reality about Falun Dafa and the persecution]. Upon learning the truth, she said, "It must be good since so many people are practicing it." Several days later, my neighbor told me that her friend watched the VCD and said to her, "It's a nice VCD. The Chinese Central TV station is spreading lies." She also added, "We must not tell who gave us those materials. Otherwise we will bring trouble to them."

You can use my printer to print truth-clarifying materials.

A friend we have not seen for a long time came to our home. My spouse and I clarified the facts to her. After learning the truth, she said she detests the perpetrators in power and told my spouse, "I cried for a whole night when I heard that you were sentenced to labor camp. My eyes were swollen. How come such a nice person was put in jail?" When we gave her Dafa VCDs, she asked for more and said that she needed to send them to her friends. She also added, "I will bring my printer here so that you can print truth clarifying materials."