(Narrated by a young practitioner and recorded and compiled by a Clearwisdom.net reporter)

(Clearwisdom.net) These days, whenever I send forth righteous thoughts, I find the demons that remain are becoming fewer and fewer. The shell I mentioned before, which previously prevented living beings from entering or leaving the earth, has now disappeared. The spaces within and outside the three realms have been completely cleansed of demons. The remaining demons are actually inside of Dafa practitioners' own space fields rather than outside.

These demons have various images: some look very ugly, while others are shapeless and able to change into whatever they want. There are not as many as in the past and they are not as rampant either. Some demons are very afraid of being eliminated and have hidden themselves without doing anything, because they know it is useless to do anything else. However, some other demons don't want to take their defeat lying down, though they now know they will be eliminated in the end. They come out to do evil things usually at the point of Dafa practitioners' attachments.

Whenever Dafa practitioners raise their palms to send forth righteous thoughts, these demons are extremely frightened. However, if we don't focus our minds or cleanse ourselves well in the five minutes before sending forth righteous thoughts, the gong will not be as powerful later, and will fail to achieve the effect of eliminating the demons. If instead we cleanse ourselves well in the first five minutes, the gong will be very powerful later. Once I did badly in the first five minutes, and my gong could not reach the demons after I erected my palm because they ran faster than my gong. If I did well in the first five minutes, my gong would be able to eliminate these demons.

The present period for Fa-rectification cultivation no longer belongs to the old universe, because the old universe no longer exists and the cultivation time arranged by the old forces has already been used up. The present period of time was especially created by our benevolent Master for the cultivation of Dafa disciples. The time of this period goes by much faster than before. It will fly away when we don't pay enough attention. Sometimes the time slipped away when I was too careless to do something, and it made me rather uncomfortable afterwards.

Previously, the worlds of Dafa practitioners who did not do well were empty and silent; there were only mountains and rivers. But they have become quite different since Master gave them more time to cultivate.

Now, if Dafa practitioners watch any bad things, their white energy fields will become what the bad things looks like.

If a Dafa practitioner doesn't send forth righteous thoughts well, or doesn't send forth righteous thoughts when all the others are doing so together, the plants and other living things in his or her world will die. These plants and living things will not revive until he or she earnestly sends forth righteous thoughts.