(Clearwisdom.net) The perpetrators at Wanjia Women's Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province began organizing physical and metal torture against Dafa practitioners on July 25, 2002,. Zhang Bo, head of the Seventh Division, plotted the torturing, and the head of the labor camp, Lu Zhenshan, made the decisions. They used electric batons and metal chairs [Dafa practitioners are tied on metal chairs, forced to sit for a long time, their hips severely hurt] to torture Dafa practitioners; they forced Dafa practitioners to squat for prolonged periods of time; they hung them in the air, suspended by the handcuffs holding their arms behind their backs, feet off the ground. The camp assigned four male guards to each group. When they were torturing practitioners, they taped their mouths shut and shocked them with electric batons on the most sensitive parts of their bodies, the armpits, breasts, mouths, palms, and the bottoms of the feet.

Police officer Wu Jinying's son, when cuffing and hanging Dafa practitioner Ms. Mu Shuqin, obscenely fondled her breasts.

The guards electrically shocked one of Ms. Luo Hongyan's feet; there was no intact place left on her foot afterwards and her foot developed a deep ulcer. She could not walk for a couple of months after that. The perpetrators cuffed Dafa practitioners' hands behind their backs and suspended them with their feet off the ground. If a practitioner lost consciousness during the torture, they poured cold water on her and shock her with powerful electric batons. After they revived her, they would hang her up again. Practitioners who lost consciousness from the torture include Ms. Shen Shufang and Ms. Pan Wenli.

The camp "Training Team" formed groups consisting of criminal inmates to persecute practitioners. The administrative section heads Zhao Yuqing and Yao Fuchang personally selected these criminal prisoners as their hatchet men.

They tortured Dafa practitioner Ms. He Peijie the most. They cuffed her hands on her back, hung her in the air and at the same time they kicked and beat her and shocked her with electric batons. When they took her down, over a dozen of the criminal prisoners came all together to beat her. They beat her, rolling on the ground, and her ribs were bruised. She was not able to move after the beating, but they still forced her to take daily "physical training."

In March 2003, they tried to use a "test sheet" to force Dafa practitioners to defame Dafa. The Dafa practitioners resisted. Zhang Bo, head of the Seventh Division, sent Dafa practitioners Ms. Zhong Meihua and Ms. Sun Shuyun to small confinement cells, and incited criminal prisoners to cuff them, hang them up and brutally beat them. In April 2003, they tried to force Dafa practitioners to memorize "40 question and answers" that defamed Dafa, and then they sent firmly resisting Dafa practitioners, the Misses Fan Chunyan, Bao Liyun, Gao Fengqin and other Dafa practitioners to the small confinement cells. These practitioners were tied up, hung up and savagely beaten. They then sent the practitioners to the "camp training team" to be tortured, being cuffed with hands on the back and hung up. After that, they were forced to squat from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. as additional physical punishment every day.

Since October 2003, the camp "training team" tried to "reform" practitioners who had just recently been abducted into the camp with intensified measures of abuse - two practitioners from Shuangcheng were cuffed and hung, and their faces became deformed from the electric baton shocking.

In the meantime, the police abused the practitioners by forcing them to work, assigning them excessively high work loads, forcing them to work nearly 19 hours a day. Dafa practitioner Ma Lida was so exhausted that she vomited. The police assigned every Dafa practitioner a heavy workload, ignoring their ages and physical conditions. Practitioner Li Yefen was physically weak and had dysentery. One day when she had worked to the middle of the night, she was so exhausted that her limbs cramped.

The labor camp officials forbid practitioners to tell the truth, they forced Dafa practitioners to work excessive hours. They also forced Dafa practitioners to tell that they only worked for 6 hours a day if anyone from outside the camp would come to inspect.

The police who are responsible for these outrageous acts: Lu Zhenshan, Zhao Yuqing, Yao Fuchang, Zhang Bo, Chang Shumei, Zhang Aihui, Yang Guohong.

December 8, 2003