(Clearwisdom.net) Around noon on June 10, 2001, I saw and heard evidence of Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Qiuxia being beaten to death in the Dalian City Forced Labor Camp.

That day I heard Ms. Wang call out loudly, "Team Leader," to female team leader Yuan Lingyue, who was standing in the hallway just outside the big metal barred gate. She paid no attention at all to Ms. Wang. Then, about seven or eight people ran over and dragged and beat Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang yelled loudly, "Help me!" Team leader Yuan did not stop the beating, as she witnessed these seven or eight people dragging Ms. Wang into a warehouse. Because the warehouse was adjacent to the cell where I was, I could clearly hear the sounds coming from inside the warehouse. I heard the noise of violent beating, clear that several people were beating Ms. Wang simultaneously.

From the window of the cell, I repeatedly saw people coming out of the warehouse. After they washed their sweat away with water, they would run back in and continue the beating. This went on until Dafa practitioner Wang Qiuxia was dead. Duan, the head of the cell where I was detained, came back and said, "Wang cannot breathe! They are administering artificial respiration. Someone went to report what has happened." Then I saw the division leader, whose last name is Ma, arriving. After he took a look inside the warehouse, he hurriedly left. A short while later, Ma brought the labor camp doctor (male, about 40 years old), and they took an oxygen bag into the warehouse. Before long I saw that several people carried Ms. Wang out. I saw that Ms. Wang's legs were black and blue.

While Ms. Wang was dragged into and beaten up in the warehouse, I could not hear Wang's voice at all. There is a reason for it. When the perpetrators in the Dalian City Labor Camp beat a practitioner, they always gagged the practitioner and then pulled the practitioner's clothing up to cover the head. I personally experienced such torture. So did Chen Hui and other Dafa practitioners who are determined in their belief.

More than twenty people participated in this lethal beating. They include Wang Qi'e, Qu Huan, Xiu Yue, Yao Hui, Zhang Xuemei, Sun Qianyi, Lian Xu, Duan, and others. They beat Dafa practitioner Wang Qiuxia with shoes and also with Coca-Cola bottles filled with water.

The people named above are former practitioners who had been brainwashed and who betrayed their belief. They carried out the beatings under the instigation of the labor camp team leaders. In the year 2001, the division leaders of the female divisions were Tao Jun and two others whose last names were Ma and Gao, respectively. On June 10, female team leader Yuan Lingyue was on duty. Yuan has been promoted to deputy division leader for her involvement in persecuting Dafa practitioners.