(Clearwisdom.net) A Clearwisdom correspondent in mainland China reported recently that in some areas where the truth about the persecution has been widely spread, Dafa disciples that were illegally imprisoned for long periods have been unconditionally released.

Not long ago, Henan Province Xiangcheng City Dafa disciples thoroughly clarified the truth in the local area and disclosed through the Clearwisdom website that the city's "610 Office"* head Wang Kefei brutally persecuted and illegally detained Dafa disciples for indefinite periods of time. Along with the rapid advancement of the Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples' clarifying the truth, sending forth righteous thoughts and Wang Kefei's being transferred away, in late September, the twelve Dafa disciples illegally imprisoned in the Xiangcheng City Detention Center were all released.

This was not an isolated case. A while ago one mainland Dafa disciple submitted an article to Clearwisdom which stated that he was illegally sentenced to ten years in prison for producing truth-clarifying materials and after 16 months of imprisonment he was able to walk out of the prison openly and with dignity.

This Dafa disciple wrote in an article that during this 16 month period, he knew that Master did not acknowledge the persecution and that we must completely deny it. However, deep in his thought, he did not completely deny it and was still passively suffering and waiting, hoping the persecution would end soon. He was thinking that since he had been sentenced, there was no way out. Through repeatedly studying Master's new scriptures, he realized those thoughts were incorrect.

Master said in "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference": "...don't wait, don't rely on others, and don't just hope for changes in external factors." This Dafa disciple realized that the real reason why this persecution was still ongoing and started a hunger strike to protest. After more than 10 days of the contest between good and evil, he was able to walk out of the prison.

Here is another example. A practitioner in another area was arrested and sent to a labor camp. Upon hearing the news, fellow practitioners who had contact with her exchanged their views with fellow practitioners in the local area. Everyone looked into themselves and cultivated themselves, eliminating the feelings of indifference or helplessness. Thus, the Dafa disciples formed one body and utilized their strength as a whole. They reached an agreement to reinforce fellow practitioners and eliminate all the evil factors persecuting Dafa disciples inside the labor camp by sending forth righteous thoughts at three set times every night. After persisting for a period of time, they heard the news that the detained fellow practitoner was unconditionally released because of her righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

Over this same period, in some areas the persecution is very serious and the local authorities are very keen to set up brainwashing classes. We call upon the Dafa disciples in these areas to pay special attention studying the Fa more and understanding the Fa well with the heart of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. We ask them to actively expose the evil persecution, let the people know the truth about the persecution, send forth righteous thoughts more and to not leave the evil with any hope that the persecution can possibly prevail.