(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Yuan Lin was a faculty member in the Beijing University Graduate School. Because she printed Falun Dafa flyers, police arrested her along with three other practitioners. During detention, she staged a hunger strike. In April 2002, the police sent her to the Ward Ten (a restricted ward) in the Beijing Police Hospital for force-feeding. She strongly resisted and demanded her unconditional release. After she was force-fed, she would lay on the bedside with her face down to dump the food from her stomach through the tube remaining in her nose. She also showed the other practitioners how to do this. Later, a young policeman on duty found out about this. He ordered some people to force-feed her again with a big container of liquid food. The liquid was so much that they had a hard time feeding all of it into her stomach.

All the prisoners here had one foot chained to the bed. Everyday they were unlocked only for a bathroom break in the morning. Police tried to force practitioners to wear the shackles by themselves. Yuan Lin and her cellmates 56 year-old Ms. Wang Guangying and 62 year-old Ms. Qi Bingshu (both from Hefei City, Anhui Province) and one other practitioner refused to wear the shackles. They insisted that they are innocent and that their detention is illegal. The police on duty led by the head guard threatened, "Since you refused to do it yourselves, we are going to chain you for three days and three nights!" The police chained everyone in the room by their leg and handcuffed their hands with two additional handcuffs. They could only lie on their backs with hands raised above their heads. They remained in this position for three whole days and nights. During the three days, the practitioners kindheartedly clarified the truth to the guards, urging them to stop their evil acts. The police refused to listen and continued torturing the practitioners.

For three days, the practitioners could not move or turn their bodies. They felt sore and painful all over their bodies. They couldn't move their hands because the handcuffs were automatically tightened when they tried to move. Their hands became numb. The pain was unbearable. Especially at night, they couldn't sleep because of the pain. Despite the painful torture, the practitioners' faith in Dafa remains strong. After three days and nights, they were allowed a bathroom break. Coming back from the bathroom, they again refused to wear the shackles. The same torture was repeated for another three days and nights. Later Yuan Lin was tortured for the third time in the same way.

The police hospital had a monitoring system to prevent the practitioners from talking to each other. However, the four practitioners recited Master's new lectures, Master's poem collection Hongyin and continued with their cultivation. They also sang Dafa music Pudu. In order to sing it accurately, they asked the other practitioners to write down the music notes. They kept the notes for a long time. Later during a body search before they were sent to a labor camp, police found and destroyed the paper. Despite the harsh persecution and torture, Dafa practitioners fear no evil. They firmly believe in Dafa and have absolute trust in Master.

November 2, 2003