There had never been a day without torture in the Women's Brigade of the Dalian Re-education Camp since it became designated as a place to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

In the early days, posters on the walls, loudspeakers and televisions all carried non-stop broadcasts slandering Teacher and Dafa. Any practitioner who attempted to practice the Falun Dafa exercises or study the Falun Dafa teachings would be subject to severe beating and electric shock.

One practitioner became very weak after being on hunger strike for several months in protest of her illegal detention. She eventually died when the camp refused to release her.

Newly abducted practitioners were first detained and tortured in the criminal inmate section. They were ordered to recite the camp rules and regulations. Any practitioner who refused to cooperate was locked up and tortured in solitary confinement cells, followed by further forced brainwashing.

In order to force the practitioners to give up their faith in Dafa, on March 19, 2001, the camp forced all practitioners to squat down with both hands wrapped around their legs for 24 hours. The slightest change from the posture would bring forth a round of electric shocks from the batons of the guards.

A lot of practitioners vomited the food they ate, and their legs became swollen and bruised. If any practitioner fell, the police would immediately bring over the pen and forms asking them to sign "repentance papers." Some practitioners signed the papers under threats and coercion, but all subsequently filed solemn declarations to repudiate them.

The next day, the police shouted that anyone who did not sign the repentance papers would be subject to hours more of forced squatting.

Some collaborators [former Dafa practitioners who were turned against Falun Dafa under severe pressure due to brainwashing and torture] were transferred here from the Masanjia Labor Camp to attempt to brainwash steadfast practitioners. Practitioners remaining steadfast were subject to another 24 hours of beating. Mop handles and chair legs were busted over practitioners' bodies in the severe beatings.

In June 2001 a Dafa practitioner was beaten to death by several inmates using plastic bottles filled with water. Later, we learned that Dafa practitioners Chen Jiafu and Liu Yonglai (in the Men's Brigade) had also been tortured to death.

In early 2002, a large group of Dafa practitioners went on hunger strike to protest the persecution. A few were able to break out the camp, but some others received severe tortures.

The police forced criminal inmates to torture practitioners on hunger strike. These felons applied the so-called "hip splitting" torture which was a form of sexual torture. They would hang Dafa practitioners spread eagle by their four limbs, and then forcibly insert sticks into their vaginas, inject them with hot pepper oil and beat them severely. They poured boiling water on their bodies and limbs. They forced practitioners to stand up all night long to deprive them of sleep. They forced practitioners to stand bare foot with windows open in the middle of winter. Force feeding tubes were left in practitioners' stomachs as further torture. Practitioners who could no longer stand were cuffed and hung up from bedposts.

One felon name Zhang had been trained by the camp police to become a cold blooded thug. She specialized in torturing Dafa practitioners in solitary confinement cells so that she could earn an early release. Other thugs participating were Sun Bo, Guo Ling, Wang Xin and Ge Hong, etc.

Dafa practitioners Wang Lijun, Sun Yan and Man Chunrong had all been subjected to severe torture and they did not yield to the thugs. The thugs thought no one could endure the "hip splitting" sexual torture and would give up, but they could do nothing but respect practitioners' resolute faith in Dafa. The thugs finally stopped their "hip splitting" torture against Wang Lijun after observing Wang's unwavering belief.

In 2003 Wang Lijun was tortured in solitary confinement again, causing severe injury to her feet. She has had great difficulty moving around ever since. Sun Yanzeng and Man Chunrong were tortured severely numerous times, but they also faced the torture with firm righteous thoughts.

In 2003, all unyielding practitioners were jailed in the 2nd Brigade of the forced labor camp. Criminal inmates tortured them. All practitioners were forced to do more than 10 hours of hard labor each day. No eating or sleeping was allowed until the assigned tasks were completed. No conversations between practitioners were permitted. Even the brigade leader was not permitted to talk to practitioners about Falun Gong.

Camp officials frequently carried out strip searches looking for Dafa articles. If materials were found on them, the practitioners were sent for solitary confinement. In order to meet the quota of conversion (meaning to force practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa), the camp tried just about every conceivable torture against practitioners.

The Director of Women's Brigade at the Dalian Re-education Camp Ms. Zhang, Brigade leaders Ms. Han and Ms. Wan, Team leader Ms. Yang all had personally beat up practitioners. Director Zhang once claimed, "You talk about evil? I am evil."