(Clearwisdom.net) In the Navajo territories of northern Arizona, there is an Indian reserve where Native Americans have lived for generations. The area is home to both the Navajo and the Hopi tribes. Each has its own language and has unique traditions. As the most ancient nations on this remote and vast expanse of the Colorado Plateau, they have preserved their respect for nature and their individual traditions.

The No. 12 Indian Language and Cultural Forum was recently held at Tuba City Navajo Reserve. A Native American Falun Dafa practitioner was one of the organizers of the forum. He arranged for Falun Dafa practitioners from Phoenix to participate in the activities on September 24.

Recalling a few years ago when I first read of Hopi prophesy on the Internet, I did not know I would move close to where the prophesy originated. In the last few years fellow practitioners and I went deep inside the reservation many times to introduce Falun Dafa to the people there.

One time we demonstrated the five sets of exercises in the Hopi Health Centre, but the event failed to attract the locals. We also visited a Hopi village and talked to the elder, said to be the only person able to decode the prophecy. His family welcomed us. I still remember when I sent forth righteous thoughts together with fellow practitioners near the rock on which the prophecy was engraved.

I thought in my heart, once upon a time it was full of life here. However, at present it is baked by the scorching sun and it becomes drier and drier every year. Then how could I bring Falun Dafa to the kind-hearted local people so that they could have a wonderful future?

However, Teacher had already arranged for people with predestined relationships to obtain the Fa [law and principles]. A Navajo named Hali contacted us after finding Falun Dafa on the Internet. With his help we were invited to give three lectures at this year's forum.

About 150 people participated. The audience quietly listened to our presentation on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, the persecution in China, and learned the five sets of exercises.

The materials we had taken along were all gladly accepted. The participants left inscriptions praising the lectures by Falun Dafa practitioners. Teachers from the local schools were also fascinated by the exercises. They copied the contact number in the hope that one day we would go to their schools to teach the exercises.

We all knew that this was just the beginning, yet it was a good start. We hope that Falun Dafa will become more deeply rooted here so that more Navajo, Hopi, and other peoples may one day join the ranks of cultivators.