(Clearwisdom.net) While the Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally put on trial in a city court in northeastern China, the practitioners' friends and relatives found lawyers for the practitioners (everyone knows that in China today, lawyers are limited in their role in the legal process and severely restricted by government directive in defending Dafa practitioners, during unwarranted trials). Many lawyers are deceived by the Jiang regime's evil propaganda. Some of them do not dare to provide services to Dafa practitioners; some know little about the practitioners, and some others even hold prejudices against Dafa practitioners. However through direct contact with practitioners, the lawyers began to understand the true situation.

Lawyer A: When I personally saw that the Dafa practitioners had endured cruel torture and received ridiculously heavy sentences, I only charged a minimum fee. I also said after the trial to the relatives and friends of the practitioners, that I was moved by their situation.

Lawyer B: While in the detention center listening to the practitioners' personal accounts I was astonished by what I heard. Some practitioners' genitalia were shocked with electric batons so badly that they did not recover even after several months. I became so appalled that my head was sweating and I immediately exclaimed, "How could this have happened!"

Lawyer C: After I finished listening to the help request from the practitioners' relatives and friends, I was deeply moved by the Dafa practitioners' magnificent acts and endurance. I told them, "It is not wrong to believe in Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. I will not charge any fee for representing Falun Gong."

Lawyer D: After I saw through the lies of the propaganda of Jiang's regime, I began risking my own career and resourcefully used the opportunity of "taking out the practitioners for interrogation" to let the practitioners read Master Li's new articles, which greatly encouraged them.

December 30, 2002