(Clearwisdom.net) From 2001 to 2002, many Dafa practitioners in Yanji City, Jilin Province were secretly and illegally sentenced to long prison terms.

In September 2001, Dafa practitioner Li Xiulian was illegally sentenced to 9 years and Sun Xi to 5 years in prison. Because they refused to accept such sentences and appealed, they both received two more years. In July 2002, without informing the practitioners' family members, the authorities secretly and illegally sentenced a Dafa practitioner surnamed Jin to 9 years, Hao Yunqiang to 8 years, Guo Peijun to 7 years, and Xin Yuanjun to 7 years, and they were deprived of political rights for the next 3 years. Li Xiulian was sent to the Heizuizi Jail in Changchun City, Jilin Province. The rest were sent to Jilin Jail in Jilin Province and are still being persecuted. There is no news of them. The practitioners' family members are not allowed to visit them.

Guo Peijun and Hao Yunqiang were arrested on September 2, 2001 when they were clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. Piao Hongquan was arrested at the same time. Fellow Falun Gong practitioners told us that on September 2, after the three of them were arrested, they were imprisoned at a detention center in Longjing City, Jilin Province. That evening, the evil police at the detention center did not sleep the whole night in order to viciously torture these three practitioners. The cries of misery at the detention center carried on all night. Guo Peijun's clothes were saturated with blood so badly that he could no longer wear them. For over one month during his detention at the detention center, Guo Peijun wrapped himself with a sheet of plastic to protect against the cold every evening because his family members were not allowed to visit and send him clothes. Dafa practitioner Piao Hongquan is a young doctor. He also suffered from the cruel torture when he was in the detention center. The injuries he sustained from the abuses are too terrible to look at. Piao Hongquan's current situation is unclear. Hao Yunqiang, was also cruelly tortured in the same way as Guo and Piao.

Dafa practitioner Xin Yuanjun was arrested in the fall of 2001 when he hung banners clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa. Before his arrest, he was forced to leave the army because he practiced Falun Dafa. After he was assigned to work at a local business, he was laid off because he practiced and cultivated Falun Dafa. After he was arrested, Xin Yuanjun was viciously tortured by the wicked police. When he was imprisoned at the Yanji City Detention Center, he was tortured to the point that even those who knew him very well were not able to recognize him.

Dafa practitioner Qu Yanqiu was also arrested while clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa in September 2001. She has been imprisoned and tortured at the Yanji City Detention Center since.

Among Dafa practitioners from Yanji City who have been illegally detained and sentenced over the past three years, many are people that I know very well, such as Yang Mingfang, Zhao Yanling, Zhao Xinmei, Han Fengmin, Li Guiying, Song Yonghua, Liu Shuyun, and so on. There are also many practitioners from the Korean National Minority. Many of my fellow practitioners later escaped from the evil den with righteous thoughts.

At the end of 2001, a Dafa practitioner surnamed Wang was illegally arrested by the wicked police from Yannan Police Station. The temperature was well below freezing. The wicked police poured cold water all over Ms. Wang; the ice froze from her head down to the lower part of her body. When the wicked police saw that she did not submit, they covered her head with layers of plastic bags. Failing to make her give in, they took a pack of cigarettes, lit all of them, and surrounded her face with clouds of smoke from the cigarettes. Later they handcuffed her and continued torturing her. She was tormented like this for four hours, yet she still did not submit to them.

There are many practitioners who are forced to leave their homes in order to avoid persecution. The practitioners who stayed at home were often relentlessly harassed by the police, but none of them cooperated with any of the evil people's requests, orders or demands. Their strong resistance to the evil persecution helped to create a good environment for our cultivation practice.

On September 3, 2002, during the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Yanbian Korean National Minority Autonomous Region, many domestic and overseas merchants gathered in Yanji City. In order to prevent practitioners from clarifying the truth to these merchants, the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) in Yanbian harassed Dafa practitioners and held brainwashing sessions. All of the Dafa practitioners who were kidnapped and taken to the brainwashing sessions treated the Fa as Teacher, spread the Fa with mercy and were indestructible. Under Teacher's protection, most of them escaped the evil den with powerful righteous thoughts, making the brainwashing sessions unable to continue.