(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa Practitioner Hui Yi's (pseudonym) husband supports Dafa very much. After the dictator started the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999, some relatives urged him to stop Hui Yi from practicing Falun Gong, but he spoke with the force of justice, "It's her right to have the freedom of belief; we should not interfere." When the circumstance of practicing openly with others no longer existed and Hui Yi slacked off a little in her cultivation, he encouraged her by saying that "Everything in the human society is a mess and false; only cultivation is true and reliable." When Hui Yi went out to distribute truth-clarifying material, he always reminded her by saying: "Be fearless, careful and thoughtful. Don't be scared no matter what happens."

Seeing Dafa practitioners braving cold wind in the winter and cruel heat in the summer to distribute truth-clarifying materials, he sighed with emotion, "Dafa practitioners are really amazing, and I admire them." Seeing Dafa practitioners uniting into one body and contributing their effort selflessly, he said, "Truly extraordinary, there is not a single organization able to reach such a state." He once said, "Any true practitioner coming to our home will receive my respect." During the time of persecution by the evil force, their home became a center for practitioners to distribute truth-clarifying materials, to exchange experiences and to receive practitioners made homeless by the persecution. During the New Year holidays, he asked Hui Yi to buy more food so that those homeless practitioners could have better meals.

He is a righteous and kind man, and hates evil like it is an enemy. Once Hui Yi was abducted when she was distributing material, and then broke out of the police station by sending forth righteous thoughts. He instantly drove a car there to take her home. After getting home safely, he said to Hui Yi, "Be fearless. Work hard when you are not abducted, and get through your tribulations if you are abducted." Another time, he saw a practitioner that had just escaped and was frightened. He said, "As you are trying to be a good person, what are you afraid of? Don't practice if you have fear, and don't fear anything if you want to practice." He also frequently told practitioners, "Be open-hearted and aboveboard, and fear nothing!" His support and righteous imposing manner touched Hui Yi and practitioners everywhere.

He also clarified the truth to people and distributed truth-clarifying materials in person. His righteous thoughts and reason had kept him from being deceived by the public propaganda. After knowing the truth of the cruel persecution of practitioners by the Jiang regime, he was filled with indignation and said, "The Party is a really evil, a purely evil cult." When clarifying the truth, he talked about both history and current affairs, and easily answered various questions, especially when he was playing chess with others. All the chess players around their home have established righteous thoughts. Many people around their home have also learned the truth and pay their heartfelt respect to him.

He pays much respect to Teacher and also has read Teacher's book. Sometimes he said, while reading Teacher's book, what Teacher teaches is really good and right, wonderfully right. Hui Yi gave him some articles printed from Minghui Net, and he would sometimes be moved to tears. His celestial eye was opened and he is able to see the Law Wheels. Fellow practitioners and Hui Yi urged him to practice Dafa as soon as possible. He said, "Very soon, very soon."