Dear General Consulate:

We were unfairly declared guilty during the past summer in a spectacular show trial in Hong Kong. We sixteen Falun Gong practitioners held a peaceful hunger strike on March 14, 2002 in front of the China's Liaison Office. I am one of the four Swiss nationals in the process and am writing to you in representing all of them.

So much has happened during and after the process. We held many activities and went from Pontius to Pilate to raise people's awareness on this unfair trial. Two of the most important visits we made were to His Excellency Joseph Zhen, Catholic Archbishop of Hong Kong and to the American Consulate. Right from the beginning they offered us sincere support. Bishop Zhen had great understanding about Falun Gong and was aware of the persecution. He requested participants at the Swiss Bishops' Conference last June to help us, also, which actually happened promptly. A gentleman at the American Consulate, being responsible for the human rights reports in Asia, offered us great moral support.

And what did Switzerland do? We wish to particularly thank you and Mrs... for your support. From Mrs... we obtained all information during this trial and the following days in last March. This Swiss woman senator expressed her concern to Secretary of Justice Elsie Leung clearly.


As of now, when the Hong Kong government intends to have a speedy implementation of Article 23, everyone should be clear that legislation on Article 23 is to make the persecution of Falun Gong legal in Hong Kong. That is what already happened in our case. Enacting on Article 23 means that, "Ignore all evidence provided by the defense and declare them guilty on all counts." I assume that you noticed through the media reports last summer that Judge Wong colored his hair to red during Jiang's visit in Hong Kong. What this means needs no further explanation.

While you see many things happening in Hong Kong right now, we don't see reports about them through the censored media. Many things are happening, and there is good reason to say this. Should article 23 be implemented, and in the version that only show people the surface meaning of this legislation, then this will mean a shrinking of the free world. Can we be responsible for this as in the past with our neighbors in the North influenced us? Currently, several different things are happening. People turn blind eye to them and there are reasons for a whole nation to complain. We must realize that we have duty to act now.

We hope that the whole world will act to stop the persecution against the innocent people, be they Falun Gong practitioners or Christians. A crazy dictator initiated the persecution and has many of his citizens tortured to death. Now he tries to extend the persecution to the free world. We cannot allow this to be realized.

More and more people from NGOs and government circles recognize the scale of this persecution and stand up, even publicly, to express their concern. They have discovered the inestimable value of the principles of Truth, Benevolence, Tolerance. A future must be a livable one for our children and our children's children and for ourselves. In order for this to happen, certain laws must be obeyed, and those are assuredly not the arbitrary ones Jiang Zemin had foisted on his people during the past few years. He and his minions must be sued, which has already happened in the USA and France. You can find related information from the following link:

USA: http://www.faluninfo.net/Display/AnArticle.asp?ID=6518


FR: http://de.yuanming.info/articles/200212/5753.html

As many people desire economic growth, so must morality improve. Should anyone emphasize economic growth, they must voice their opinion against legislation on Article 23, because of its negative influences on Hong Kong's economy. Related articles can be found:


We hope with all our heart that the Swiss representation will take the necessary steps, as other countries have already done publicly, to voice their opinions regarding this conspired anti-human rights law. Switzerland is well known worldwide in upholding human rights.

We are asking you to urge related officials in Switzerland about Article 23 and its inherent dangers, and have them express their concerns about Hong Kong authorities publicly. It is our duty to act. We must be responsible for people in freedom.

Link to Falun Gong and the persecution: www.faluninfo.net

Link to legislation on Article 23: www.againstarticle23.org

Many thanks for your help.


Swiss Falun Gong practitioners (names omitted)

(Translated from original letter in German)