One morning in May 2000, we were discussing how to rectify the Fa in a practitioner's home. The main point that Zhou Lei talked about was that he hoped more practitioners could step forward to protect the Fa in Beijing, and he also mentioned the great suffering our Teacher had borne for us. My tears fell and I blamed myself for not thinking about how to protect the Fa in Beijing earlier.

Zhou Lei is a very diligent practitioner. He spoke from the perspective of Fa and many of us liked to talk with him. With his encouragement, many of us decided to go to Beijing. On May 7, several of us got on a train to Beijing. Before we left, a practitioner's mother was crying, not wanting her daughter to go. Her husband locked her up in the room, but she climbed out the window and joined us.

After we arrived in Beijing, we stayed in a local practitioner's home. On May 11, 2000, we got to Tiananmen Square. Around 10 a.m., we practitioners from Shenzhen, along with practitioners from other provinces, unfurled our Dafa banners. Zhou Lei and his wife, holding a banner several meters long, ran across the Square.

When we came back, many practitioners were detained by the police. Some were forced to stay away from their homes to avoid further persecution from the police. I was detained also. A practitioner told me that Dafa disciples distributed tens of thousands of Dafa flyers from out of some big buildings on Shennan road. The event shocked the head of the evil forces. Soon Zhou Lei was arrested at Zhaoqing. I am proud because I have such a good fellow practitioner. I know that to do such a great thing demands a very high xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart, moral character] level. But I also felt a great loss because of his arrest.

On December 12, I read the news that he was illegally sentenced to 12 years in prison on Minghui. I was shocked and deeply worried about him for several days. Such a kind person and diligent practitioner is being brutally persecuted by the evil forces. His concerns are all our practitioners' concerns because we are one body. Zhou Lei, no matter where you are, our practitioners' hearts are with you. Like Teacher said, practitioners are getting more and more mature. To save people, every practitioner is doing his/her best.