December 17, 2002


I. One day, as we were clarifying the truth in front of Canada's Parliament Hill, an American tourist approached us. He told us that he had just come from the airport, where a mysterious force had insisted he delay taking his flight no matter what and to hurry to this particular place. "It is miraculous! It turns out to be where you hold group practice! No wonder the energy field is so strong! This is great! I will also learn Falun Dafa when I go back. This Falun Dafa is so great!"

II. One summer day I was clarifying the truth to tourists from Mainland China, when a little boy of about 10 years old ran to me from out of the crowd and said in a low voice, "Grandma, I am a little Dafa practitioner." I immediately held him in my arms as if he were a grandson I hadn't seen for a long time. I couldn't help bursting into tears and told him repeatedly, "Honey, good boy! When you go back, tell people what you have seen here, let everyone know the truth about Falun Gong and don't believe the fabricated stories and lies on TV. Let everyone know that Falun Dafa is good! Hold on, my child!"

III. We were practicing the exercises in a circle on a bright fall day when an elderly man, his eyes brimming with tears, came to join us. He turned out to be a retired Falun Dafa practitioner who hadn't actively come out and told people he was a practitioner. He was in Canada for a visit. We happened to be from the same hometown, so we chatted for a few minutes. I did most of the talking while he listened carefully, trying to remember what I was telling him.

IV. It was a snowy, windy winter's day in 2001 when I went to spread the Fa by myself in front of Parliament Hill. A scholarly-looking gentleman walked over to me and told me that he specialized in law. He said he had seen me standing by myself in the cold wind from far away. He asked, "Why do you come here despite the chilly weather and your advanced age?" I told him straightforwardly, "Our Teacher asked us to offer salvation to sentient beings. Because they do not know the truth, people, especially Chinese people, have been deceived by fabricated stories and false appearances that slander the heavenly law. They will eventually destroy themselves by doing this. It is quite urgent to save them. Even though it is chilly it is worth it!" The two of us talked for a long time. It seems that he really understood all that I had to say to him.

V. A young lady accepted my truth clarification materials in front of the Chinese Consulate and asked me a lot of questions, which I answered one by one. She looked very satisfied and said that she had approached me with many questions, and would go back with all the answers and tell her friends about it.

VI. When we were protesting peacefully in front of the Hotel Intercontinental in Houston where Jiang was staying, a group of students hired by the Chinese Consulate stood next to us Falun Dafa practitioners. They didn't know the truth about Dafa. One of them stubbornly insisted that we were paid protesters. He wouldn't believe otherwise no matter what we said to him. "My major is math," I told him. "Let's do a little calculation together. Our Teacher has a hundred million students. In the past three and a half years, the practitioners in China have been risking their lives daily to clarify the truth and to offer salvation to people. The practitioners overseas have been doing the same thing, day in and day out. Let's suppose we make very little, only $1 a day to buy some water. These one thousand-plus days (since the persecution started) will cost more than a hundred billon dollars. Have you ever seen any billionaire who can afford it?" He couldn't answer me. A girl asked him in low voice, "Is it appropriate for us to be here?" He didn't answer her either. They left when it began to pour.