(1) The Rapidly Spinning Falun

February 12, 1999 was the most meaningful day in my life, because that was the day I decided to cultivate Falun Dafa. I got up very early that morning and found that it was still dark. There were not many pedestrians in the streets and I was a bit scared. However, when I remembered that our Teacher's Fashen (Law Body) would protect me I built up my courage and walked out of the house. At the practice site, when I was doing the second set of exercises, "Holding the Wheel Before the Head," I felt as if I was in another dimension and in the twinkle of an eye I finished this posture. When I was doing "Holding the Wheel Before the Abdomen" my celestial eye opened and saw a huge Falun rotating. At the same time I also felt the Falun in my abdomen spinning. Because the Falun rotated very strongly I lost my balance. Fellow practitioners held me up so that I did not fall over. Ever since then, whenever I came into the tranquil state while doing the exercises, I can see the rotating Falun of different colors.

(2) The Importance of Fa Study

I tried to memorize the main book of Falun Dafa, Zhuan Falun. Once when I finished reciting one section of the Fa, I saw that countless galaxies in my left arm had been assimilated into the Fa in no time.

When I became very peaceful while reading the Fa, I could see many bright, colorful spots falling on me.

(3) Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

One fellow practitioner failed to endure the torture and gave my name to the police. I tried my best to help him by sending forth righteous thoughts. On one occasion I saw countless sentient beings from his system on their knees and asking for my help.

When I came into a tranquil state while sending forth righteous thoughts, my main consciousness left my body and flew upwards toward the sky. The space that had been assimilated into the Fa in my system continued expanding.

(4) The Magnificence of Fa-Rectification

When I was taken to the police station, I had a very strong thought, "I know what my loopholes were when I was arrested. However, even if I have loopholes I will not let you persecute me because I am Teacher's student." When the head of the police station interrogated me I just quietly sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher to strengthen my energy. I had no fear, so I was not moved. Finally the police chief gave up the interrogation.

I was forced to leave home and go from place to place to avoid further persecution. What was more, my family did not understand me, my fiancé turned against me, and fellow practitioners misunderstood me and talked about me based on hearsay. All this made me distressed both physically and mentally at one point. I really felt that cultivation was very hard.

Someone told me that another area needed me badly, but I was not in a good state at the time. I did not even know how to go on and how to continue my cultivation. However, I thought of my responsibility and my mission. A few days later I decided to go to that place. As soon as I sat down in the bus I saw numerous deities, as well as soldiers and generals from the heaven, surrounding me and cheering for me. From the appearance it was a very plain activity of Fa-rectification but in other dimensions it was so magnificent and great. It is true that this great Fa is beyond the description of any human language.

My younger sister got to know Falun Dafa after the vicious suppression began in China. That year she was 17, an age when people want to enjoy themselves and indulge in play. I talked to her about Falun Dafa. When she read Lecture 2 of Zhuan Falun she told me, "Elder sister, I feel tightness in my forehead and I saw the Falun symbol. Even when I open my eyes I still can see it." When I taught her the fifth set of exercises for the very first time, her movements were not that accurate, so I tried to correct them. After she finished the exercise she talked to me very seriously, "Elder sister, when I practice the exercises do not touch me. I felt very light and was flying away. You touched me and I came back. I saw that I was standing on a Falun symbol that was flying upwards."

One day when I finished practicing the fifth exercise, my younger sister told me with joy, "Elder sister, I saw your energy pillar, which is green. It's as thick as your head." She continued saying, "My energy pillar is purple and goes all the way to the sky, but not as high as yours. I couldn't see how high your energy was. It had no end."

When I finished practicing the exercises one day, my younger sister said, "I saw a Bodhisattva in the house. She has a lot of hands. She wanted to say something to me, but she did not. I understand what she wanted to say. She wants me to practice the exercises well. Then she held me and flew upwards."

At the Chinese New Year when I went to my younger sister's home again, I wore a Falun button. As soon as my younger sister saw the button, she said that she saw our Teacher's Law Body and the Falun on the button was rotating.