(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners being detained in a detention center of a city persist in studying the Fa. They follow Master's words and clarify the facts about the persecution. They have greatly changed the guards and people around them. They have helped save these lives.

One morning, several Dafa practitioners got up earlier than usual to practice the Falun Gong exercises. The section chief on duty noticed them. Before then, if such an incident occurred, either the prisoner on duty would be punished by being put on duty continuously for several days, or all the detainees in the cell would be punished by being ordered to sit on benches for a long time. Moreover, all the people in the cell, from the guards on duty to the cell leader and other detainees, would start cursing Dafa. The team leader became even more severe and beat up the practitioners. However, this time the outcome was quite different. After the cell leader knew about the incident, he only criticized the persons on duty for failing to cover the practitioners well, while all other detainees behaved as nothing had happened. When the people in the cell were ordered to sit on the bench, the cell leader said, "Today something happened in our cell. It was mainly due to the persons on duty who failed to watch them well. The several 'Faluns' (they call Dafa practitioners 'Faluns') have treated us so well. They are always considerate of us and have endured tremendous pressure. If we could not treat them well, we would have done a disservice to them. So this time, we will follow, 'Whenever the superior officer enacts a policy, the subordinates always find counteractive ways.' Later, when the 'Faluns' are practicing, the persons on duty should be responsible for watching them well." Then he asked if the people in the cell agreed with him, and all of them unanimously replied, "Yes." After that, the cell leader comforted the several Dafa practitioners, "You go ahead and do well. You can do whatever you want to do. You do not worry and we will not blame you for whatever things that may happen to us."

After knowing this incident, the guards just lightly criticized the persons on duty, behaving more distinctly than usual. Dafa practitioners, for their purity, kindness, and forbearance, have finally won people's understanding and support and the evil has already lost its grounds for existence.