(Clearwisdom.net) In late October of 2002, just before the 16th Party Congress took place in the central government, policemen from the Baimiao Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City started to torture Dafa practitioners relentlessly, attempting to force those determined practitioners to give up their practice of Falun Dafa.

The police kicked the practitioners and beat them up severely. Moreover, they used several electric batons to shock Dafa practitioners all over their body simultaneously. If practitioners refused to write the "Three Statements" (those are statements promising to give up the practice of Dafa), they continued to torture them.

Policeman Guo Wuyi from the Fifth Team was particularly brutal. He used several electric batons to shock Dafa practitioners' necks, causing large purple blisters to form there. It was so horrible that people could not even bear to look at it. He even used electric batons to shock Dafa practitioners' genital organs and other sensitive body parts. Many practitioners suffered severe injury under his torture.

Practitioners being tortured include: Zhang Ming, Zhao Songmao, Zhang Yuanheng, Shao Jizhong, Li Zhong, Xu Xiaoguo, Wei Zhongjian, Li Qixian, Pan Lifeng, Zhang Yongli, Liu Qilun, Zhao Zhongbang, Xing Fusheng.

Police who initiated the torture:

Song Yanling, Guo Wuyi, Yu Baohong, He Xianglong, Ma XX

Police who helped in the torture:

Yang Shaofeng, Du Aimin, Wang Xiaoyu, Liu Wei, Pan Xinzhong

People who participated in the persecution:

Party Secretary of Baimiao Labor Camp: Chen Yeli

Superintendent: Zuo Jinglin

Commissar: Ma XX

Affiliated Electrical Factory Vice Director: Zhu XX

Li XX from the "610 Office"

Chen Xinhui from the education department.

Address of Baimiao Labor Camp:

62 Wenhua Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, postcode: 450002

Telephone of Baimiao Labor Camp: 86-371-3945372

Telephone of the Third Team: 86-371-3828739

Telephone of the Fifth Team: 86-371-3831209

Supervisor of the Third team He Xianglong: 86-13014613762 (mobile), 86-371-3940966 (home)

Main telephone line of the "610 Office" in Henan Province: 86-371-5963355 (operator); 86-371-5991155 (automatic)

Director Li Jianzhong's phone: operator phone (above) switch to 23171 (home)

Vice director Li Pingqi's phone: operator phone (above) switch to 23603 (home)