1. Before October 1, personnel from a street committee went to a practitioner's work place, found the leader and asked him to send this practitioner to a brainwashing class. Since this practitioner's boss has a correct understanding of Dafa, he told them angrily, "She is good, and you are wrong to come looking for her. We will not send her to any brainwashing class." The street committee people said, "If there is any problem, you take care of it." The leader said, "All right." After that the street committee did not mention the issue of the brainwashing class any more.
  2. A certain Dafa practitioner was sentenced illegally to a forced labor camp because he went to Beijing to appeal. Due to health reasons he was sent back by the labor camp. This practitioner went to his work unit to ask for his back salary. The leaders discussed the issue and reinstated the normal salary for this practitioner.