I have a neighbor whose name is Gui Zhen. Last year she had a lump growing on her neck, and her family had already made preparations for her to have an operation.

One day after dinner, five or six women were chatting and Falun Gong came up as the topic. One of them said, "People said that Falun Gong does not allow people to take medicine, therefore causing many deaths. This is very bad." Gui Zhen answered, "Did you hear that from the TV? Have you read the book Zhuan Falun?" The woman answered, "I have not read it." Gui Zhen then replied, "I've read it. It did not say such a thing. Those are rumors used to deceive citizens. During the Cultural Revolution, Liu Shaoqi (former Chairman of China) was turned into a traitor, spy and scab overnight. At that time, all the major newspapers and the TV station's special reports were all saying that. In the end, it was not the case. We average citizens better not say things when we are not sure. These days there are so many lies flying around, how do you verify them?!"

Because she spoke out for Dafa, she was repaid with good fortune. Like a miracle, in less than a day her lump disappeared.