1. A practitioner's husband said to the evil policeman in a stern voice, "Whoever wants to carry my wife away, don't even think about passing through my door! You're too disgraceful!" And this person was terrified and ran away. Later on he told others, "It is true that evil cannot conquer righteousness." He now tells everyone that Dafa is good.

2. A practitioner's husband is a business manager. He tells everyone he meets that Dafa is good, and how good his wife is. He said to his wife, "I have helped you and your fellow practitioners to spread the Fa." Now he studies Zhuan Falun with his wife every day, and accompanies his wife to distribute materials and clarify the truth.

3. An old lady is in her 60's. Her children are all against her practice of Dafa. Her husband died a long time ago. Someone was trying to find her a husband, and her first criterion was that the man must support her practice of Dafa. Later on she married a retired cadre who supported her cultivation of Dafa very much, and he also told his children to support the elderly lady in cultivating Dafa.

People who have learned the truth:

1. When talking about the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's regime, my classmate said, "We were just talking about this yesterday, and we all think the persecution is wrong. Whatever people want to believe, let them believe it. To control even what people believe is quite unreasonable!"

2. A practitioner told a friend that Falun Gong teaches "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance." The friend said, "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, it's so good! If everyone practices it, the whole society will become good again! One won't be afraid of thieves and pickpockets."

3. A practitioner was talking about Falun Gong with a friend. The friend immediately shared his opinion that the persecution was wrong, and Falun Gong must be good. He even sighed that life was so boring. The practitioner then said, "Dafa is spreading, people's hearts are all turning toward goodness, and the society will slowly become good." The friend said, "I agree."