1. In a detention center, when it was time for Falun Gong practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts, inmates said each other, "Don't speak any more. Please don't disturb Dafa practitioners' sending forth righteous thoughts." Seeing that practitioners were dripping with sweat due to the hot weather when they were sending forth righteous thoughts, some inmates prepared water for them to take a bath; some even fanned them. When the evil head appeared on the TV news, all inmates condemned it together.

2. In a city, a couple that were not Falun Gong practitioners and suffered from a mental disorder killed their 4-year-old son. This event was used to slander and attack Falun Gong. All the police knew the truth. They said, "Previously we believed whatever the TV news reported. Now we have learned that the TV station has been lying. From our personal contact with Falun Gong practitioners, we know they all are good persons and they have been treated unjustly. How come treating them so badly doesn't arouse popular indignation!"

3. The head inmate of a cell spoke viciously to a practitioner who was doing the exercises. The head of the detention center who was on duty that day shouted at this inmate, "What do you dare to do to Falun Gong? Even Jiang has no way to control them!"

4. A policeman was sitting in the yard of the detention center, silently watching seven practitioners doing Falun Gong exercises. When others attempted to speak to him, he waved them off indicating that they shouldn't disturb the practitioners. When the exercises were finished, practitioners spoke with him about Dafa. Having listened to their words, he quickly took out a piece of paper from a magazine in his hand--it was Teacher's words printed by him. He gave it to a practitioner and went away smiling.

5. A detention center let all the detained people watch television every Sunday. Whenever the police in charge saw practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts, they either lowered the volume or turned it off until practitioners finished.