You Are All Good People

Since discovering the true facts about Falun Gong, the sister-in-law of one Falun Gong practitioner tries her best to help the practitioners who have been forced to leave home, telling them that they are all good people. When she sees the police arresting Falun Gong practitioners she often steps up to stop them and tells them to be fair. One day a practitioner gave her some Falun Gong posters, and she voluntarily hung up the posters on the tree.

Why Do You Arrest Him?

In one village a policeman was trying to arrest a Falun Gong practitioner. As soon as he arrived at the practitioner's home, a group of people surrounded him, some asking him to be fair to the practitioner, some telling the officer: "He is a good fellow in our village. He did not do any thing bad. He helps with cleaning the street and he helps other people. Why do you arrest him?"


The wife of one practitioner in our county does not practice Falun Gong. Each time the practitioner brought home Falun Gong materials, his wife said: "Ah, it would cause us a lot of trouble if someone found out." One time the practitioner brought home some more materials. His wife was surprised, and said: "How should we deal with this? Let's eat now and go out to deliver them together after the meal."