I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. My personal experiences prove that practicing Falun Dafa brings good fortune.

I used to have heart disease, gynecological problems, arthritis, headaches, stomach problems, allergies and more. What made my life miserable the most were headaches, stomachaches, and allergies. The pain was often unbearable. Painkillers were a constant part of my life. I had often had difficulty breathing. When I had an allergic reaction, my entire body became terribly itchy.

I visited traditional Chinese medicine doctors, Western medicine doctors, faith healers and shamans. I spend a lot of money, but I got no results at all. On the contrary, the symptoms were getting worse. Because of the diseases my life had lost meaning and I sometimes lost the desire to go on living. All I could think of was who might be able to save me.

I learned Dafa due to predestined arrangements. Dafa is miraculous, because my headache, stomachache and other nasty diseases were very soon gone after I began practicing, and the allergies never came back again. I felt great. I am grateful to Teacher for spreading Dafa and saving me, a person who didn't want to live anymore because of illnesses.

No one anticipated that after July 20, 1999, that the evil forces would distort facts, slander Teacher, and persecute Dafa disciples by using arrest, torture, detention, prison sentences and forced labor. Teacher gave me my life back and everything I have. Now that Jiang's regime is cruelly persecuting Dafa and Teacher, I need to assist Teacher to protect and rectify the Fa. I cannot just benefit from Dafa and not do anything in return.

I couldn't watch idly any longer. I wanted to clarify the truth of Dafa. I appealed in front of the provincial government compound in July 22, 1999, and visited Beijing in 2000, 2001 and 2002, in order to protect and rectify the Fa. I was arrested and thrown into a detention center and later a forced labor camp. Because I am a Dafa disciple, I should do whatever it takes for Teacher and Dafa.

Some people don't really understand and believe that I am abnormal. One of my friends told me: "Why don't you just practice in your home? Why do you have to go to Beijing? Are you a nut?" I replied: "Let's say that your father is a good person, and other people fabricated some stories to frame him. Don't you want to find an opportunity to speak out for him? You still want to speak out, even if somebody doesn't like it." I clarified the truth to her and she understood.

Some people who didn't know the truth were saying that I didn't care about my family and children since I practice Falun Gong. It is not true. I do almost all the work around the house, taking good care of father-in-law, husband, and children. My daughter graduated from college in 1999 and is working now. My son is a college student in Beijing and can take care of himself.

My husband does not practice Falun Gong. He failed two prior tests for blood donations because of some problems with his blood. He has donated blood twice already though after I began practicing Falun Gong. He is also reducing the amount of medicine he has to take. It is true that if one family member practices Falun Gong, the entire family benefits and has good fortune.

Dafa cultivation is a serious matter. I have to have self-discipline and cannot only think about benefiting from Dafa, but also how to work for Dafa. I have to grasp the opportunity of righteous Fa cultivation and be worthy of Teacher's benevolent effort to save us. I shall be a Dafa disciple that is worthy of Teacher.