Latest records indicate that well over one hundred Dafa practitioners have been forced to leave their homes in the Wei County. Of the some twenty people illegally arrested during the months of May and June 2002, one Dafa practitioner was sentenced to Forced Labor without a legal trial, and several of them were actually non-practicing family members of the practitioners. At present, the hatred in the police officers have created a chaotic and terror filled environment in Wei County. The whereabouts of some of the practitioners are listed as follows:

  1. On March 13, 2002, Hao Weimin, a Dafa practitioner from the lower Lianghe Village, Wei County, was arrested from his home.
  2. In early May, Li Junqing of Yuanbao Township was arrested, and on the 24th day after the Chinese New Year Li Jianguo was arrested while travelling on his way home.
  3. In early May, while working at home one day, the wife of practitioner Li Xinan was arrested by police officers from Lizhuang, Bokou Township. Later in the same month, She Xiang, a female practitioner from Huaying, Mei Lan and her husband from Dianpo, and Yang Fengying from Cangkou were also arrested. Then, in early June, Guo Yechong, Guo Laojin and his non-practicing wife, and another female practitioner with her non-practicing husband were arrested as well.
  4. On May 26, 2002, another Dafa practitioner Chen Choude of Yali Town was illegally arrested on Yaliji Street and is now in a detention center.
  5. Again in late May, from Xihou Village of Yali Town, practitioner Chang Lujun, his wife and their non-practicing daughter were illegally arrested; their motorcycle was unlawfully confiscated by the police officer at the same time. At present, the couple is still in detention.
  6. Then in late June, Chang Shuai and Pang Yunjing from Yili Town, and Man Qin of Zhangerzhuang were arrested illegally while at home.
  7. Again, on May 12, Yali Police Station sent a team of officers to Yuan Jundang's home at Anzhuang to arrest him and his family members. When they could not find anyone home, they smashed the doors and furniture in the house, and swore that if they could not catch anyone, they would make the six members of the Yuan's, including their aged father-in-law, homeless.

In Wei County, Hebei Province recently, prison sentences were passed with no legal trials on the following five Dafa practitioners:

Shen Xiangai (female) -- 6 years

Wang Yunzhong (male) -- 4 years

Wang Fengchao (male) -- 3 years

Wang Haiqin (female) -- 3 years

Dou Shuangxue (male) -- 2 years